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2003-12-08, 14:34:14
Q: How do I disable Hierarchical-Z? I hear this solves the artifact problem for a small number of people.
A: OpenGL:

In your Registry find a folder called "OpenGL". Make sure you end up in the "CurrentControlSet" branch.
On my system: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{17B35A74-5588-4595-A586-8C735F496DB2}\0000\OpenGL". Your ClassID will be different so use text search to find "OpenGL".
Add a folder "Private" under the "OpenGL" folder.
Add a DWORD value there called "An6aYj2vwKuKd9brxl7" with value "0".

Find the OpenGL folder. Go to the "0000" folder above it.
Add a String value there called "HierarchicalZEnable" with value "0".
You can also try using RTool for exammple to disable Hierarchical-Z.

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