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2003-12-18, 08:26:52

Unter http://stupidring.com/humor/gandizzlea.htm gibt es ne geile Parodie auf den Herrn der Ringe. Wer schon immer mal HDR meets HipHop/GangstaRap lesen wollte, muss auf die Seite :D

Gandizzle: He's a bad mutha.. Shut yo' mouth!

He come struttin' into a room like he own da place. You can almost hear the theme song from "Shaft" playin' in the background. Dressed fly in a purple crushed velvet pimp suit with flared pantlegs, he comes struttin' in to the beat playin' in his head. Ain't nobody can pull off a crushed velvet cape with zebra stripe trim like he can, yo. Your eye travels from his matching purple velvet wide brimmed hat, down his fly suit, all the way to his glass platform heels. Are those goldfish in dem heels? Sho' you right. He takes off his large round diamond encrusted sunglasses, puts his left foot forward, and leans back on the right foot and his walking stick with a huge diamond at the top. Awww yeeaaahh. He run da show, B.

He's Gandizzle, the baddest pimp in town.


2003-12-29, 21:57:01
das is aber ned absicht das du als tema lord of the bling geschriben hast oder?:asshole:

2003-12-30, 01:45:19
Ich find's scheiße!:-(