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2004-01-04, 22:47:59

"HANNITY: All right. You're on a political show now.

GRAMMER: Right. I know. I'm nervous as hell.

HANNITY: You are not nervous. Get out of here. Are you interested in politics?

GRAMMER: I've always thought that since I did not serve in the military and since I was raised by a military man, my grandfather, that we all have an obligation to try to perform some service to the country.


GRAMMER: And the only thing I can think of is to attempt maybe a political office at some point in my life.

HANNITY: You so Kelsey Grammer, you want to run for...

GRAMMER: For Sean Hannity. No, I have not...

HANNITY: It's got to be a little meaner.

GRAMMER: I haven't laid out any plans yet. Possibly senator of whatever state I was living in.

HANNITY: California.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Have you said this before?

GRAMMER: No, I haven't said this before, but I used to say that I wanted to be president when I was a boy.

COLMES: Would you run as a Republican or a Democrat?

GRAMMER: I would probably run as a Republican.


GRAMMER: Because I am a Republican.

COLMES: A California Republican?

GRAMMER: I consider myself a centrist, I suppose, but I basically believe in trying to preserve as much opportunity for the individual, as long as that individual chooses to work as hard as he can.

COLMES: You know, we often hear how in Hollywood there are all these liberals running around.


COLMES: You're conservative.

All I ever talk to is conservatives...

GRAMMER: Thanks to Fox News, actually, I think it's a little more safe for us to come out of the closet.

COLMES: We made it safe for you to...

GRAMMER: Well, at least the spirit and in this news media entity is one that embraces the idea that there can be opposing points of view. All headed toward hopefully what is a nice combination the hope of compromise. Rather than fanning a language of hatred, which I see so often.

COLMES: But Hollywood then is not all just a bunch of liberals running around applauding each other, patting each other on the back.

GRAMMER: It's not to my knowledge, there's plenty of conservatives running around applauding each other and patting each other on the back as well."