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2004-01-20, 09:42:27
Subject: Linux Graphics Software Engineer

NVIDIA is searching for world-class software engineers to join the Linux graphics driver team. We're looking for engineers who are driven and enthusiastic, have a passion for graphics on Linux, and like working with a team of top-notch people. You would be helping us make our drivers better and incorporate the latest hardware technology. You should have strong C programming skills, a thorough understanding of Unix systems programming, a command of 2D and 3D graphics concepts, and excellent communication skills.

You will be joining a team of first-rate engineers developing software for the latest cutting-edge NVIDIA hardware. We developed graphics drivers that helped Linux break into Hollywood production studios, making it a serious contender on the desktop. Our software supports a wide spectrum of users, including scientific visualization, movie and televison production studios, game enthusiasts, and educational institutions.

Please send resumes to humanresources@nvidia.com


- 3+ years experience developing software for Linux or Unix and very strong C programming skills.

- 3+ years experience writing low level software, writing OpenGL apps, and using 3D graphics concepts.

- Significant experience working on large and complex pieces of software and strong debugging skills.

- Knowledge of x86 architecture and graphics driver experience, especially OpenGL driver experience, is a plus.

- BS or equivalent.OK. Heisst das jetzt, dass NV den Linux-Support ausbauen möchte, oder dass sie Leute ersetzen müssen? Hmm.


2004-01-20, 10:43:17
hmm, mal bewerben...