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2004-02-17, 13:24:26

What would be the OPTIMAL settings to use with Atuner for my card? Also I noticed that on most programs it only gives me the direct3d rendering option but never the opengl option. Example would be Unreal Tournament. Is it becouse of settings on the card? My card is supose to support OpenGL.

Any help anyone could provide would be great.


2004-02-17, 13:50:36

what "optimal" is, depends on your system. With a fast CPU, I suppose your goal is to maximize the speed. With a not-so-fast CPU, you can raise the 3D-Quality without suffering lower framerates.

I recommend the Detonator 44.65 for GeForce4 Ti. This Detonator contains very few bugs, but all important optimizations for GF4 are possible. This is early-z. Early-Z-Occlusion gives some extra speed for some games (but not in the 3DMark, for the 3DMark, Early Z is enabled by default.) Early Z does not affects the Quality. Turn it on to get full the raw performance in Direct3D, the GF4 can deliver.

You can "trade" some Quality in Performance with AF enabled. Try the AF-Stage-Optimization in the D3D-Extra-Panel. This lowers the AF-Degree for non-primary texture stages, or even turns AF off for them. The primary texture stage gets the full AF-degree you set in the main menu. Im most cases, the quality loss is barely noticable, but you have the benefit of higher performance compared to full AF without stage-optimization.

There are some games using important textures on non-primary texture stages. For those games, aTuner includes some profiles. (UT2003, Max Payne.) Play a bit around with the AF-Stage-Optimization, i think you will figure out fast how it works.

Most of todays games are only supporting Direct3D, OpenGL is mainly a domain of games from id software.