Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Window Maker isn't dead ...

2004-02-24, 10:18:09
... it just smells funny. ;) Hab' ich ganz übersehen, aber hier im Forum noch nix gelesen zu, ergo: Posting.


We've been quiet long enough
posted on 2004-02-01 02:33:25 by teknix

Things have been slow for awhile, but they are starting to pick back up. The XFT2 code is almost done, and NETWM and XDND v3 should be added to the HEAD cvs branch within the next week or so. After some testing of the new code, we can expect a release to follow.
As many people know, the mailing list archives, bug tracker, and search engine have been broken for a long time. We've redirected the broken links to temporary "here's what we're doing about it" pages. There are now links to newer mailing list archives to help ease the situation. A new archive interface and bug tracker will be available later in Februrary, so stay tuned.

We are in the planning stages for website revision 3.0. Not only will there be a new site layout, but the content and functionality will be vastly expanded. In addition, we will be adding a new dockapps.org like site specifically tailored to Window Maker patches. Patch contributors will be able to upload and manage their patches in a central location, and users will be able to rate the patches. This new system will also help patch contributors ensure their patches meet the developers requirements. The result should be higher quality patches that have a better chance of being included into the main source tree. Klingt doch schonmal ned schlecht. Und ja, wird mal endlich Zeit, dass die Leute was neues bringen.