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2002-03-23, 18:57:40
Was ist eigentlich der Unterschied zwischen einer regist. Version und der Free Version ???

2002-03-23, 19:11:26
In der Free-Version fehlen AFAIK z.B. die Image-Quallity-Tests. Sie ist also abgespeckt.

2002-03-23, 19:16:54
Wird die Grafikkarte nicht getestet ?

Major J
2002-03-23, 19:29:06
Schon wieder jemand der die MadOnion-Marks verwechselt. :D

2002-03-23, 19:54:16
Nö, wird nicht getestet.

Das kannste im 3DMark2001 SE nachholen, auch von www.madonion.com.
The Registered version of PCMark2002 unlocks some of the functionality restricted in the Free version. The following features are made available:
Custom selection of tests. You can choose which tests to run and which to skip. Whole test groups can be selected, for example to get a CPU score, but skipping the Memory and HDD tests. You can also choose individual CPU tests, and skip some of them.
Testing options. You can choose to repeat each test in the benchmark run a certain number of times, which will give you the average of the individual test runs as result. Additionally, you can choose to loop all tests infinitely. There is also an option to choose which logical hard drive to use in the HDD test, or you can choose to test all HDDs.
Result details. You can watch the results of each individual test immediately after the test run.
Result export in text format. A result file can be saved in tabbed text format. This means that those results can easily be imported to almost any text editor or spread sheet application, like Microsoft Word or Excel.

The Pro version of PCMark2002 offers full functionality. In addition to those functions unlocked in the Registered version, the following features are made available:
ResultBrowser2002 - A professional tool for analysing and comparing test results.
Windows XP 2D tests. These tests display and measure the performance of some of the new GUI (Graphical User Interface) features in Windows XP.
Video encoding test. This test performs video compression from a video clip of MPEG1 format to ASF (Advanced Streaming Format). Two video clips are generated; one low resolution and one high resolution.
Video playback tests. Both ASF and DVD playback performance is tested. Also, there are low and high resolution/bit rate clips of both ASF and DVD.
Video quality tests. DVD playback quality is measured in a series of quality tests.
Battery test for laptops. You can compare the battery life and power saving features of laptops using the Battery test. The test is fully customizable in order to suit a large number of laptops and different kinds of laptop battery testing.

Warum liest eigentlich niemand die Readmes???

2002-03-23, 22:10:42
Originally posted by Quasar
Nö, wird nicht getestet.

Das kannste im 3DMark2001 SE nachholen, auch von www.madonion.com.

Warum liest eigentlich niemand die Readmes???



2002-03-23, 22:27:02
:rofl: das 2002 hab ich glat überlesen. =)