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2004-06-16, 09:50:03

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Changes in gnustep-make version `1.9.2'

* Application and Bundles use the latest convention on Apple.

* Improve/Simplify dependency checking when making docs

Noteworthy changes in gnustep-base version `1.9.2'

* GSMime parsing ignores extraneous data

* New log functions GSOnceFlag and GSOnceMLog

* New class NSError

* Multiple new function in GSObjCRuntime

* NSProtocolChecker rewritten

* autogsdoc support added for building frames

* Binary incompatibility: NSUnarchiver, GSIMapTable have new ivars added

Noteworthy changes in gnustep-gui version `0.9.3'

* Working NSToolbar implementation

* New Mac OS X methods in NSView and other classes

* Fixed some sheet handling problems.

* Integrated gif, jpg, and png handling in front-end.

* Added overridable button and frame drawing functions

* Add some keyed decode/encoding to some classes

* NSStringDrawing redesigned.

Noteworthy changes in gnustep-back version `0.9.3'

* Art backend added support for grayscale, one-isblack colorspaces.

* Windows pasteboard interaction handling added.

* Better focus handling on Windows.

* Better font and draw handling on Windows.

* Much improved loading of gorm files

Für Debian sollte es mitlerweilen .deb-Pakete geben, ansonsten www.gnustep.org für weitere Infos.