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2004-06-27, 22:57:31

dial17-246 # man sex

man(s) Human interaction methods man(s)


sex - start intimate interaction between humans


sex [--type oral|anal|vaginal|penial|manual]
[--pref hetero|gay|lesbian]
[--mode single|couple|triple|multiple]
[--lowdness (num)] [--locality (string) [file]]
[--position] [--gender (num)|(string)]


This documentation is no longer being maintained and may
be inaccurate or incomplete. Peep tv programme is now the
authoritative source.

This manual page documents the GNU version of sex. sex is
always run as foreground process and can not be forked.


All or at least one of this options can be given. If
mode 'single' is given, the value of type will be
overridden. Then it defaults to 'manual'.

The pref option tells 'sex' which methods it should
supply. Note that not all interfaces for type are
available with every option for pref. Look at sec-
tion 'COMPATIBLITY' for details.

Tells sex if there are one, two, three or even more
clients involved. If mode single is given 'type' de-
faults to manual.

This option wants a three digit number. The first of
those is the initial value, the second gives the
medium or max value, the last one gives the final
value. Default is 270.

--locality (string)
A system specific value. string can be any predefi-
ned value from one of the configuration files in
Normally /etc/living/conf.flat should exist on every
system, as well as /etc/living/conf.holiday.

If 'file' is given, an alternative configuration can
be used.

--postition (string)
Default is 'missionary', but also any other configu-
ration file can be used. Not that /etc/fitness is
checked before invoking sex.

--gender (num)|(string)
With this option the gender of the invoked clients is
defined. This can either be by a number treated as
binary value, 1 meaning female, 2 meaning male. sex
although expects the value as decimal. Or the value
can be given as varying length string, consisting of
of 'f' or 'm' letters.

If there are more letters or binary digits given than
clients defined with mode, the superflouos ones will
be ignored. If there are more clients than gender
identifiers the last identifier is taken for all re-
mainding clients.

sex operates gender dependent. Although in the past there
have been attempts to build a gender indepent version of
sex, those haven't yet been successful.

sex uses complex threading, but you may get timeouts call-
ing it in a too complex environment. Usually you can rely
on the built-in recover method, although this one will not
work when sex is called together with 'drugs'.




emotion(1), attraction(1), conf.flat(5)


RFC-1437 MIME Content-Types for a New Medium


There have been a lot of 'em reported. Yet noone knows how
to get rid of them.

Human 1.0 September 10,


So long Ajax ;)