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2004-07-19, 08:52:48
Hallo Leute,
ich habe ein kleines Performance Problem mit Crystal Reports. Ich quote einfach mal mein Posting aus einem anderen Forum und hoffe, dass mir hier jemand weiterhelfen kann:

Hi all,
I have a problem concerning Crystal Report's performance on Win2000.
I use datasets to push data into my report, but the assignment of the datasource to the report and the the creation of the report take way too much time on some Win2000 systems.

Here are the two code snippets that take so much time:


ReportForm reportForm = new ReportForm(report, m_ResourceManager);

Some examples of the performance of this code:

On my Windows XP:
SetDataSource: 3 seconds
show report: 2 seconds

A colleague's Win 2000:
SetDataSource: 2 seconds
show report: 2 seconds

Another colleague's Win 2000:
SetDataSource: 105 seconds
show report: 391 seconds

My application runs fine on every Windows XP that I tested and it also runs fine on some Win2000 systems.
But unfortunately there are some Win2000 systems that have very bad performance running my app.
I have no clue what could be the reason for this.
For example:
The Win2000 system's load is at about zero percent, when it is waiting for the SetDataSource method to return.

How can this be?
Any help appreciated.

Best regards
Bernd R.

2004-07-19, 12:08:28
Hmm, hast du die Servicepack-nummern?

- Eth

2004-07-19, 12:32:44
WinXP Service Pack1, Win2000 Service Pack4 und Crystal Report.NET ohne Updates.