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2004-10-21, 16:46:52

Release notes:

Version: 1.0-0292
Release Date: October 20, 2004

Release Highlights for 1.0-0292:

* Added support for kernel installations that use separate kernel source and generated kernel object trees.
* Fixed nvnet problem that caused rmmod to crash on systems with more than one network interface.
* Fixed nvnet build issue on uniprocessor systems that have spinlock debugging enabled.
* Added support for Ethernet driver statistics and configuration information through procfs
* Fixed nvsound module hangs when APIC is enabled on some distributions.
* Fixed nvsound module bugs causing lack of sound or delay in sound with some games.

Bekannte Probleme:

Hmmm, anscheinend immer noch kein ALSA-Support. Auf OSS will ich nicht zurück.

2004-10-21, 17:14:09
kann mir einer ne pn schreiben, wenn ich dd-encoding nutzen kann?