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2005-02-22, 00:22:29
375-400 million of transistor on 90-nm process
550-600 MHz core
1600 MHz 256Mb (Support for upto 512Mb) GDDR3
Graphics Core 256-bit
Memory Interface 256-bit
32 (24 real) pixels pipelines (on the Ultra model)
32 Vertex Shader Engines
51.2 GB/sec Bandwidth (GDDR 3)
Fillrate 12.8 billion texetls /sec.
Textures per Pixel 32 (maximum in a single redering pass)
Nvidia's LMA - IV
DirectX 9.0d UMI-23

Release date Q3 2005

Zum Vergleich:
ATI R520...Due out in May 05
24 "Pipelines"
32 Texture Units
96 Arithmetic Logic Units (ALU)
192 Shader Operations per Cycle
700MHz Core
134.4 Billion Shader Operations per Second (at 700MHz)
256-bit 512MB 1.8GHz GDDR3 Memory
57.6 GB/sec Bandwidth (at 1.8GHz)
300-350 Million Transistors
90nm Manufacturing
Shader Model 3.0
ATI HyperMemory
ATI Multi Rendering Technology (SLI)
Launch: Q2 2005
Performance: Over 3x Radeon X800 XT !!! (for single R520)

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2005-02-22, 00:32:18
bist ein wenig spät dran. :)