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2005-04-27, 13:39:45

ein kleines Protokoll :

27 Apr 2005 08h40(GMT+1)
The pilots are on board !

27 Apr 2005 09h22(GMT+1)
Engines started, doors closed.

27 Apr 2005 09h37(GMT+1)
The plane is moving.

27 Apr 2005 10h19(GMT+1)
A380 is on the track.

27 Apr 2005 10h54(GMT+1)
End of live retransmission of A380 First Take off in a few minutes. Stay online to be informed of the landing. We will inform you on the landing time.

27 Apr 2005 10h55(GMT+1)
The plane has successfully taken off!!!

27 Apr 2005 11h02(GMT+1)
The landing gear have been retracted.

27 Apr 2005 11h42(GMT+1)
Flight test team. Jacques R. : "Perfect take off, the plane is perferct, wonderful weather"

27 Apr 2005 12h55(GMT+1)
Updated! A380 is announced to be back around 13h45 - 14h15 (GMT+1)

Jetzt ist er gerade im Landeanflug!!! CONGRATS AIRBUS, WELL DONE!

2005-04-27, 13:42:16
Ja wo fliegt er denn hin:conf2: