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2002-06-13, 11:00:33
Am Samstag spielen wir um 8:30 Uhr (was für eine beschissene Zeit!!!!!) gegen Paraguay!!

Was glaubt ihr wie hoch wir gewinnen werden!! :D

Mein Tipp ist 2:0!!

2002-06-13, 19:26:37
Die Zeit ist extrem beschissen. Am besten ich mache mit einigen Freunden durch, damit zum Spiel Party-Stimmung herrscht... ;)

Ich habe Paraguay nicht spielen sehen, doch denke ich, man sollte sie nicht unterschätzen. Laut den Ergebnissen können sie Tore schiessen, doch scheit's in der Abwehr zu happern. Doch det packe ma scho...

Und im Viertelfinale dann gegen Italia... ojeoje...

2002-06-13, 20:49:59
Der Torwart is sowas von fett und unbeweglich - da muss man nicht mal groß zielen können :D

2002-06-14, 16:56:11
Originally posted by Turrican-2

Und im Viertelfinale dann gegen Italia... ojeoje...

Naja im Viertelfinale wartet dann Mexico oder USA auf uns;D

2002-06-14, 17:52:49
Ooops, ja, da habe ich mich verguckt...
aber Mechiko als Gegner im Viertel is mir lieber. Ein Sieg wäre sehr geil, doch hoffe ich, dass sie hauptsächlich einfach guten Fussball spielen werden.

Und Brasilia bekommt im Viertelfinale endlich (!!!) mal einen Gegner. England oder Dänemark. Hoffentlich werden sie an die Wand gespielt - Brasilien meine ich! ;D

2002-06-14, 19:51:39
Originally posted by Harakiri
Der Torwart is sowas von fett und unbeweglich - da muss man nicht mal groß zielen können :D

Der Torwart(Chilavert) war vor 4 Jahren noch Welttorhüter.

Ich habe das letzte Spiel von Paraguay komplett gesehen. Die spielen so ähnlich wie die deutsche Mannschaft. Die erste Hälfte war schwach. In der zweiten Halbzeit gings dann Schlag auf Schlag. Haben aus dem 1:0 Rückstand noch ein 1:3 gemacht. Die Abwehr ist etwas lückenhaft. Aber die von Deutschland ist auch nicht besser. Mittelfeld und Sturm ist etwa ausgeglichen. Könnte morgen ein knappes Spiel werden.


2002-06-15, 07:07:41
Also ich habe gerade die Nacht fern der Heimat durch gemacht, musste mich mit dem Auto nach Hause quälen, um jetzt meine Freunde bespotten zu müssen, da sie lieber schlafen als Fussball gucken.

Ich will nun in einer guten Stunden für mein Durchhaltevermögen belohnt werden, ein gutes Spiel sehen und um 13h einen Zuschlag beim Spiel England : Dänemark bekommen...

OLE !!!!
Gewonne :)

2002-06-15, 10:56:00
Originally posted by Mischler

Der Torwart(Chilavert) war vor 4 Jahren noch Welttorhüter.

Genau, Präteritum :D Deutschland *war* auch mal Weltmeister aber das heisst ja nix...

2002-06-15, 11:15:15
mindestens fliegen wir im halbfinale raus...

2002-06-15, 18:57:12
Der minute-by-minute report des "Guardian" (englische Zeitung/Homepage). Ist viel interessanter als das Spiel selbst.

94 min Full time. The ref puts us all out of our misery and Germany emerge as - just about - deserving winners. Paraguay made very little effort to win the game and will be annoyed they didn't take it to Germany a bit more. Cath Preston hasn't showed up with my breakfast yet, so I'm off to the canteen before Jose Luis Chilavert eats everything. Thanks for your time and make sure you log on for more hot sweaty Danish/English minute-by-minute action at 12:30pm.

93 min Gerald Asamoah comes on for Neuville. Arce puts in the worse cross of all time. Paul Sullivan has assured me he's a different Paul Sullivan to the one I know.

90 min Thank God for that. I don't think I could have faced another 30 minutes of this rubbish. It's so unlike Germany to nick a dreary game like this right at the death. Paraguay go forward with Acuna. He passes the ball, flattens Ballack with his elbow and gets sent off. Ballack gets booked for dragging out of Acuna in the first place. As if an elbow in the face wasn't punishment enough.

88 min GOAL: Germany 1 - 0 Paraguay Neuville with a great half-volley at the near post from a Schneider cross.

85 min Five minutes to go. Then a golden goal or penalties. Germany go forward, give the ball away to Gamarra under no pressure. He hoofs it out for a throw. Oh God this is wretched.

80 min Germany attack, Klose shoots inside the area but his shot is blocked. Fyaz Hussain in the UAE says the "the Shanghai guy (Alistair Palferman) knows s**t about heat." Richard Graham, on the other hand, says "Sod this, I'm going back to bed." Stephen McIlroy in Japan is marking English GCSE coursework. He wonders if I'd like to swap jobs. No thanks Stephen. Richard Bull in Amsterdam reckons this game isn't so bad if you watch it with a joint.

78 min Arce heads it over the byline for a corner, which Chilavert jumps and catches. He lands, the earth trembles and small animals run for their burrows under the mistaken impression that there's going to be an earthquake.

75 min Cardoza and Campos combine well on the edge of the German box. Offside. This is dire. Leslie Butler is in Quatar and thinking of sloping off to the Sheraton later to watch the England game. Personally, I'd stick to GU minute-by-minute reports. It's just like being in the stadium. Klose heads over the bar.

73 min The free is just outside the D. Can Chilavert become the first goalkeeper to score in the World Cup finals? No, he can't. He clears the wall and puts it over the bar. Chilavert lumbers back up the field. Cath Preston is off to Safeway for her shopping and wants to know if I'd like some breakfast. Yes please Cath, that's the best offer I've had from any woman in months.

71 min Baumann gets a yellow card for a foul on Cardoza outside the German box. It's Chilavert territory. The portly keeper trundles up the field to take it. The stadium starts to shake.

68 min Arce swings in a free from the right and Cardoza tries and fails to get on the end of it. The game is there for the taking for Paraguay, but Germany are coping with any attacks they're mustering.

66 min Paraguay go forward, but Arce gives the ball to Jeremies on the right wing. James in America thinks the game "blows" and wants to hear a good joke. Sorry James, this is a serious football website and you won't find any cheap gags here. Peter Tallon is having a dreadful time at the International Labour conference. Apparently it's the only event in the world more boring than this football match.

64 min Kehl (obviously came on as a sub while I was riffing about sausages) fouls Cardoza and concedes a free on the left wing. Cardoza swings in the ball and Kahn collects. Ballack bundles over a Paraguayan and is lucky not to concede a penalty.

62 min Neuville swings in a corner from the left, Ballack gets a flick and Chilavert cushions the blow.

61 min Neuville shoots from distance and Chilavert saves. Good effort. I'd love a fry.

58 min Germany play it out from the back. In instalments. Paul Sullivan reckons he doesn't know me, or else does, but can't place me. If you're the Paul Sullivan I'm thinking of, we have a mutual friend called Ian Campbell.

53 min Cardoza is caught offside. Dr Matthew Cobb is in France. Everyone is depressed there except him. Who knows, maybe in a few more hours? Bode heads straight into Chilavert's arms again. the second-half is miles better than the first. Big shout outs to Mark Aspinall (Barcelona), Mark Charters (China), Bartholomew Motes (Taibei) and Matthew Wake (Switzerland). Where the John Thomas is Taibei? That's what we want to know.

49 min Cardoza gets a yellow card for fouling Metzelder, who goes down as if he's been sprayed with an Uzi. Paul Faux is in Munich and so is his Swedish wife. He thinks that if this game finishes all square they should eschew penalties and settle it with a sausage-eating competition between Chilavert and Kahn instead. Fair play to you Paul, that is a cracking idea. Schneider lashes in a tremendous free kick from about 15 yards outside the Paraguay box that ripples the side-netting.

48 min Bode shoots a free kick straight into the Paraguayan wall. Arce clears for Paraguay. Campos stings Kahn's palms again from outside the area.

46 min Oh God, here we go again. Paraguay kick off. This game can only get better. It can't get worse. Paul Sullivan is in London and hasn't had his breakfast yet. I think I know him, actually. Alistair Palferman is in Shanghai and bets John Walsh that its hotter there than in Abu Dhabi. Schneider brings a smart save out of Chilavert.Imagine one of those freak shows where they shoot a cannon ball into a fat man's stomach.

Half-time: Germany 0 - 0 Paraguay

45 min Nothing of note has happened for five minutes now. Absolutely nothing.The game is dreadful. Iain Paterson is in Kabul and says there's nothing else to do there except read Guardian Unlimited minute-by-minute reports. No wonder Afghanistan is a big heap of smouldering rubble.

40 min Germany win a free just inside the Paraguay half. Jeremies lobs it straight to Gamarra who returns it to Germany. It's a real case of "After you, sir" etc. John Walsh is an assistant professor of something or other and is stuck in Abu Dhabi. It's hot there. Too damned hot.

33 min Bernard Schneider gets booked for dissent. I'm not sure what he was complaining about, but he was very annoyed about something. Ayala misses the chance of the game for Paraguay, failing to get on the end of a good cross. Winston Chow has e-mailed me from Singapore to ask what my tips for today are. I haven't thought about it yet Winston, but I think an England/Denmark draw after 90 minutes is the bet of the day. A diagonal cross-field ball from Arce finds Campos, who shoots from outside the box and brings a superb save out of Kahn. Paraguay are starting to dominate.

31 min A dreadful backpass from Rehmer almost lets Cardoza in to score for Paraguay, but Kahn cleans up at the back. It's Oliver Kahn's 33rd birthday today. Happy birthday Ollie.

30 min Campos makes an immediate impression, just as he did against Slovenia, slaloming through the German penalty area.

29 min Paraguay substitution: Campos replaces Santa Cruz, who is still hobbling.

26 min Bode blasts a volley over the bar.

23 min Another route one effort from Paraguay. Chilavert hammered one up the middle, Cardoza flicked it on for Santa Cruz and the Germans stepped forward to catch them offside. God - this is excrutiating. Somebody send in an e-mail please. We at GU are very curious to know who reads minute-by-minute match reports at this hour on a Saturday morning. Acuna sees yellow for a foul on Metzelder.

21 min Francisco Arce takes a free for Paraguay outside the German box, slightly left of centre. He shoots and stings Kahn's palms.

19 min Jeremies sees Chilavert off his line (probably gone to the cake shop) and attempts to sneak a long effort under the bar from distance. Too high.

16 min Santa Cruz of Paraguay is injured. Germany win a free about 10 yards in front of the Paraguay penalty area after a late tackle by Camiza. Santa Cruz comes back on to the field but he's hobbling. Schneider and Ballack stand over the ball. Ballack strikes, but sends it high, left and wide. This game is grimmer than an EastEnders omnibus on a black and white TV.

13 min Germany win a free 10 yards outside and to the right of the Paraguay box. Rehmer stands over it while everyone else jockeys for position. He lobs the ball straight to Chilavert, who eats it. Sorry, catches it..

10 min Ballack shoots from just outside the Paraguay box. It's right and wide. Good effort.

9 min The atmosphere in the ground is completely dead. Frings launches a long throw into the Paraguay box. Bode is penalised for leaning into Gamarra. Paraguay hoik another long ball up the field, which Cardoza very kindly flicks on to Kahn in the German goal again. He launches it up to Klose, who makes minimal contact. Paraguay clear. There's a pattern emerging here and it sure ain't pretty.

6 min A long ball is launched down the field to Cardoza, who rises to try and head it. He doesn't make much contact and Kahn collects. Germany get a corner, which is swung in from the left. Ballack heads it across the face of the Paraguayan goal and Neuville just fails to nod it home.

4 min It's all Germany at the moment. Except for some bits, which are all Paraguay.

2 min Paraguay are forced to recover quickly in their own box after dangerous play on the edge by Neuville. The South Americans concede a corner, from which Linke shoots wide.

1 min It's the second round. Skilful, well-organised Paraguay play German Germany. The stadium in Seogwipo is only about half-full for this last 16 eliminator, which will be settled by a golden goal or penalties in the event of a draw. Robust captain Jose Luis Chilavert wedges himself in the Paraguay goal and Germany kick off.


2002-06-15, 19:32:59
"19 min Jeremies sees Chilavert off his line (probably gone to the cake shop) and attempts to sneak a long effort under the bar from distance. Too high."

hehe, tjo sag ich ja - zu fett :D

Ahjo, wir sind zum 13ten mal hintereinander im viertel Finale - Weltrekord !

2002-06-16, 01:41:10
Sehr seltsam: Unsere letzten beiden Vietelfinale-Aus werden als Schande betrachtet, aber diesesmal ist das Viertefinale das große Ziel gewesen :-). Andererseits ist ehrlicherweise auch kaum mehr drin. Wir kommen nur ins Halbfinale, weil der Viertelfinalgegner bezwingbar ist (Mexiko oder USA).