Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Neuer PvP-Realm?

2005-08-18, 20:39:06
Update Aug 18th - 13:45 CEST
The question of bringing up another realm will be decided this afternoon. We've gathered all relevant data and forwarded it to everybody who has a say in the matter.

We also plan to increae the realm cap further this afternoon. This will be the second of three steps to bring the realm up to the same cap as the other realms. The final step is likely to happen tomorrow afternoon or just after the weekend.

And for the Germans reading this, the above goes for a possible new German realm and Terrodar too. As you probably know, Vaneck is at the Games Convention in Leipzig and unfortunately can't spend much time on the forums these days.


2005-08-18, 21:39:17
also aussichten auf noch nen neuen server.