Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : 3D Mark 2001 Easter Egg

2001-04-14, 09:17:54
Hi Leute, ich habe gerade was gefunden, wie man das Game Demo bei 3D Mark 2001 auch OHNE die Pro-Version spielen kann !

Just got an email letting me know about this neat trick. Here's a nice present for you guys to check out in the 3DMark 2001 benchmark. Open up 3DMark 2001, and where it says Project, Edit the name of the project to say Holy Cow!. This will unlock the Game Demo button, which is normally reserved for the people who paid for the PRO version of 3DMark 2001. This will allow you to play the game, where you control the truck, and shoot down flying cows of doom. Controls are listed on the Loading page. The only difference is in the PRO version of the benchmark, you get to race around in the track that you see in the benchmark, but in this Easter Egg, you race around a big field with some hills here and there, and are enclosed in an arena. I tried to take a picture, but for some reason Print Scrn won't work. If you don't have 3DMark 2001, then click the headline and download it from Madonion.com.

Was soll ich sagen, es funktioniert !

2001-04-14, 14:03:28
Stimmt, es funktioniert.

Man kann sogar die "Fliegenden Kühe" mit Raketen abschießen.