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2006-01-01, 20:11:37
kann mir jemand helfen versteh zwar was da passiert ist aber wie lang muss ich warten bis die hochgeladenen sachen wieder funktionieren? das mit der 0 raff ich net....

What is bandwidth?
Bandwidth, in Photobucket terms, is a measure of the number of bytes transmitted
over time due to direct linking to images in your account from somewhere outside
of your account. It is calculated by adding up the size of each of your images
as they are sent from Photobucket. Example: You have an image in your album of
size 100KB. You have posted it on your favorite message board and it is viewed
by 50 users there in one day. 100KB * 50 requests = 5000KB (or 5MB) of bandwidth
used in one day. Your bandwidth usage continues to accumulate over a one month

Ok. I will go delete some images from my account. Will that fix it?
No. Album size and bandwidth usage are two different things. It is possible to
have only one image in your album and still exceed the bandwidth limit if that
image happens to be posted on a website where it is viewed extremely frequently.

So how do I fix it then?
Your bandwidth usage resets to 0 each month on the day of the month that you
registered. This date and your current bandwidth usage is viewable in your
Account Options. Once it has reset, your images will automatically reappear
where you have posted them.

But I do not want to wait until my account's bandwidth usage resets.
You also have the option to upgrade your account to a premium account. Premium
accounts receive unmetered bandwidth every month of the year. You can upgrade
your account here: http://photobucket.com/upgrade.php.

If I exceed the bandwidth limit, will I still be able to view my images from
within my account?
Yes, all of your images can still be viewed directly at Photobucket.com.

danke im vorraus..

2006-01-02, 01:47:18
Du hast bei denen ein bestimmtes Übertragungsvolumen, das du pro Monat verbrauchen darfst. In jedem Monat wird der mitgezählte Verbrauch wieder auf 0 zurückgesetzt und zwar an dem Tag, an dem du dich registriert hast (also z.B. jeden 10. des Monats).


2006-01-02, 12:07:06
Ahhh jetzt versteh ichs. OKay vielen Dank!