Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Warum man Schamanen _nicht_ nerfen sollte! *g*

2006-01-11, 19:15:05

ist leider in Englisch und vllt. hat es mancher schon gelesen, aber ich fande es sehr lustig (auch als Schurke!).
In diesem Sinne, viel Spaß!

"Nerf Shaman...?
Nerf Shaman?
Forget that! Nerf every other class!
You heard me.

Paladins! #%http://www.blumenpflugger.de/chaos/...es/smiles/@.gif%ing Paladins! They wear plate! They can heal! They can shield! Damn invincible shield that can't be purged! They have that damn full heal spell they always cast when they're shielded! They can use axes! AXES! WTF! And their free mounts! DAMN IT ALL!

Mages! Mages suck ass! They can sheep you! Sheep you forever while fireballing your ass! Fireballs! And ice, ICE! WTF! Ice that freezes you in your tracks! Not only that, ice that covers them and protects them from damage! Shouldn't they be freezing after that?! Don't you get a shivering animation with them?! And those damn arcane missiles. THE MISSILES!

Warlocks! Damn them to hell! Their pets... they suck! Especially the hot one, charming you while you get your ass shadow bolted or DoTed to death! Or they fear you, fear you to death! And their soul stone! Revive after they die! And they have free mounts too, and cool ones! I want a burning horse!

Priests! WTF! Melt your face, that can't be possible! There should be rules! Shielding themselves or others from damage! Hell no! Mind control... MIND CONTROL! And they fear too! Bastards!

Hunters! Friggin A! Their damn pets always gnawing at you and slashing at you and spiting at you! And all the while the damn hunter is standing happily, picking you off for MAJOR damage! And you can't get to them, you're dead before their feet. That or frozen due to their ice traps, damn!

Rogues! WTF is with the stealth?! You can't see them! Rogues can't stealth! They're supposed to go rogue, be apart from everyone else, doesn't mean for real! And what's with the stun and hit, stun and hit, stun and hit, that you're dead before you fart from the pressure! And blind?! WTF! You wander aimlessly as they bandage themselves, those pricks! And running away at high speed?! Come back and fight, sissies!

Warriors! Damn them! Plate, and huge damage, and rage, and crazyness! Overpower kills too much! Hamstring, WTF?! Slowing you down to make yourself a semi-sitting target?! Hell no! Rushing in and stunning you, so you can't do anything, and then watch your ass get own by the many assortment of weapons the warrior has?! WTF!

Druids! Castors, warriors, and rogues, all in one! WTF?! They can change at will, and get out of roots and crap when they do! Bears maul you, cats stealth, and moonkin look dumb! Hell no! Too much in one package!

F you all!