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2001-04-01, 18:28:44
version 1.39C is out. Look at


The next beta will be released very soon. It will include
a few fixes and additions.

Note for Q3F users. To enable Q3F version switching, just create a empty file


in your Q3F 1H beta directory while Q3A 1.27h is active.

Now DSC is configured to play 1.17 and 1.27+ compatible Q3F demos.

2001-04-16, 18:08:31
-DSC now calculates the point of view itself.

-New function "Extended rename". Define a rename scheme and rename your demos.

-New function "Show description". when you move your mouse over an item in demolist, you see your demo description.

-New function "Assign columns scheme to folder". You may assign different columns schemes for your folders, which will be loaded automatically on folder selection.

-bug fixes.


2001-04-20, 22:55:12
New DSC 1.39G beta available.

Available at


Changes from DSC 1.39F

Bug fix: properties/user: weblink was not showing if too long.

Bug fix: properties/description should now synchronize perfectly with the 'Edit User Data' window.

bug fix: 'Info Tip Description' now shows as long as you stay on a item.

bug fix: While properties window is opened, demolist was not activated when moving mouse into it.

removed: Options/Show Hints at my cursor.

added: remember last selected rename scheme.

changed: Shows "Play" now instead of "Open" as the default action (double click) on demo filetypes.

2001-04-23, 00:04:14
New DSC 1.39i beta available.

Available at


Changes from DSC 1.39H

bug fix: Demo Play Control keys are now correctly for all mods.

bug fix: Empty "toggle ActionCam request" removed.

Changes from DSC 1.39G
bug fix: mod detection function could lead to program crash in rare cases.

feedback welcome.