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2002-08-16, 12:56:11
Es geht mit großen Schritten auf die 9.0 final zu :)

Beta 3

The third Beta of the upcoming Mandrake Linux 9.0 is now available. Thanks to many helpful suggestions and reports, Beta 3 contains numerous corrections and improvements to the DrakX installer and assorted software:

* DrakX installer
A few of the most notable improvements include:

'Upgrade' mode now removes conflicting packages
'Rescue' mode and option passing is now fully functional (by pressing F1 key at startup)
Authentication from a Windows domain in 'Expert' installation mode is now available

* Other software

i810 support has been fixed
rpmdrake has undergone many ergonomic improvements
drakbackup is now fully functional
Printer drivers have received many corrections
msec no longer changes remote directories and files
Palm pilot support is now corrected
The 'explanations' in drakconf have been reworked

New features

The third Beta also introduces new features, including:

The first release of 'drakcronat'. Drakcronat is a utility for configuring 'at' and 'cron' jobs.
WebDAV file system support has been integrated into the kernel and in drakconf. WebDAV allows

users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers.
koffice 1.2rc1, an office productivity suite from KDE, is now available in a new fully-functional version.
i845 support for 2D in XFree86 appears with this third Beta.

The complete changelog is available here, or download just the DrakX installer changelog.

There's still room for improvements and additional testing, so we would greatly appreciate your participation.


2002-08-16, 14:07:26
wann kommt die final???

2002-08-16, 16:01:47
Geplant ist Oktober.