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2006-06-26, 18:05:25
hat die schon jemand ausprobiert? ich wüsste zu gerne, ob die es wert ist, oblivion wieder auszupacken:)

zur mod (http://csusap.csu.edu.au/~mloxto01/)

The current version (being only an alpha) is pretty limited in it's capabilities. It supports only 2 people running around Cyrodiil. The other players in the game are represented as NPCs to each individual on their computer. The NPC will move and travel to match the players that are connected to the server.

At the moment, the following haven't been implemented: time/day/year synchronisation, quest sharing, deathmatch, cell/world synchronisation, err pretty much everything else you can think of

This plan for the next major release of this mod is to firstly allow for 8 players ingame, as well as an implemention of a simple form of player deathmatch, and probably capture the flag. So not only will you be able to run around with your friends...you'll be able to kill them too

no idea
2006-06-26, 18:10:36
Das wird sicherlich noch einiges an dev-time benötigen...

2006-06-26, 18:24:26
hm, das entwickelt ein student. wenn er keine zeit mehr hat, meint er, würde er den quellcode freigeben.*hoff* ;)