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2006-10-26, 19:45:26
Sub-US$500 AMD notebooks from Dell to hit the market in November

Dell is set to begin shipping notebooks that feature AMD CPUs from the last week of October, according to Taiwan-based notebook makers. By the beginning of November, the first batch of 500,000 AMD notebook from Dell will officially hit the market, added the makers.

Dell will target the low-end of the notebook market with its AMD models, with prices ranging from US$449-499 for a 15.4-inch model coming first, though a 17-inch model will be added in the first quarter of 2007, the notebook makers noted,

Dell's 15.4-inch notebook is being manufactured by Taiwan-based Quanta Computer while the company's 17-inch model will by produced by Compal Electronics, the Taiwan notebook makers pointed out.

AMD currently accounts for less than 15% of the global notebook CPU market, but the company expects to grow its share significantly by partnering with Dell, the notebook makers said. According to the notebook makers, Dell will use 20 million AMD CPUs during the first year of their partnership (4Q06-4Q07) with notebook CPUs accounting for at least 20% of the total.

Although sources indicated that supply of AMD CPUs is running tight, AMD is willing to supply Dell with 500,000 units for the first batch. If sales go well, AMD will continue securing Dell with similar shipment volumes, the sources added.
Na endlich fällt die nächste 100er Marke :rolleyes:
Übrigens interessant zu lesen, dass AMTI ( ... :biggrin: ) 20 Mio CPUs an DELL liefern wird!

2006-10-27, 01:28:07
Geil, dann kann ich mir ja auch irgentwann mal nen Latop leisten X-D

2006-10-27, 09:01:31
Hehe, 500€ AMD Lappys gibts schon lange, ich sag nur HP NX6325.

Aber das verhilft AMD sicher nicht zu mehr Akzeptanz, wenn nur Billig Lösungen under AMDs Flagge angeboten werden ...


2006-10-29, 22:09:34