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2007-08-22, 12:36:40
Codemasters announces new modern day theatre of war for Operation Flashpoint™2: Dragon Rising.

Operation Flashpoint™2: Dragon Rising was today announced as the full title for the return of the leading name in modern military simulation gaming.

Codemasters also revealed an explosive video trailer for the game on its booth (Hall 4, F01) at Games Convention 2007, Leipzig, Germany. The trailer is now available to view and download from www.codemasters.com/flashpoint2

Coming in 2008 for major console platforms and PC, Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising marks the long-awaited return of the total conflict simulator. It will challenge a new generation of players to survive the chaos and rapidly evolving situations of military combat in a new and contemporary theatre.

"Set on a vast oil-rich island, located off the eastern coast of Russia, north of Japan, Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising's fiction occurs during a time of tension between Russia and China over the island's disputed ownership," explains Andrew Wafer, Brand Manager for Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising, at Codemasters.

"The game will open as Chinese forces launch an offensive and, referencing the title, as the dragon rises over the island, players will find themselves in a situation that is set to flare up into a flashpoint like never before."

As depicted in the trailer, soldiers, weaponry and military transportation will be authentic and realistically detailed. The game environment will be a comprehensive simulation of a real world location, densely packed to create a rich and challenging tactical environment.

Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is in development at Codemasters Studios utilising an evolved variant of Neon technology, the studio's proprietary middleware. For the trailer video and to sign up for future development briefings, please visit: www.codemasters.com/flashpoint2

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2007-08-22, 13:19:12
ohh das ist ja mal nice

2009-05-06, 23:14:35
Neue Pics neuer Trailer


2009-05-29, 13:00:25
E3 Trailer ist da:

Download: http://www.exp.de/download.php?id=16956
Stream: http://www.gamerglotze.de/ViewMovie?flv_id=2188

2009-06-10, 10:33:59
hier auch ein vid von gamestar: