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2009-05-01, 11:27:11
Hi everyone
I was thinking of buying a

Playstation 3 (http://www.ps3videogameshub.info/) for my sone. Since different brands can be played on the

Wii, is the same true with playstation 3? Can playstation 2 games be played on

playstation 3?

2009-05-01, 12:37:51
No, at the beginning of the ps3 there was version, which can do that. But the actually buyable version canīt do that

Maybe you can buy a used one

2009-05-01, 13:27:32
This would be a thread for the "Konsolen-Spiele" forum which is registred members only.
Anyway: Google and Wikipedia can be very helpful for questions like that. ;)