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2010-08-22, 12:52:29
halo ihr liebe zockergemeinschaft ,

ich hab mal wieder ein problem bei einem spiel und zwar bei Blur *schon genervt schau*

bei talons herausforderungen
"zünde 4 perfekte dreifach-Nitros "
wie soll ich denn das machen?

2010-08-22, 13:10:27
Talon-t-ed 20
Beat Talon in his One-on-One

You meat Talon in the Midas Touch event series.
To unlock his One-on-One, complete the following demands:

Drift a total of 1,500 meters

* You must drift a total of 1,500 meters cumulatively. Choose a car that is made for drifting and stay behind the pack. Drifting is done by making the back end of your car come out farther(at a angle/sideways) then it needs to be but being in control of the car in the turn. Come into a corner at a higher speed and hit the which is the handbrake, this will cause your cars back end to come out and start a drift.

Destroy 4 Power-ups

* You destroy Power-ups by using a Power-up that counter acts it. The easiest Power-ups to destroy that are coming at you is the Shunt Power-up. Your screen will start flashing red at the bottom that a shunt is coming at you. When the shunt is about to hit you or is directly behind your car, shoot a offensive Power-up behind you to destroy the attack. These include Mines, Reverse Shunts, Reverse Bolts, and Barges. To shoot a power up behind you, press down on the and shoot with the .

Execute 4 clean, triple Nitros

* To do this you have to use 3 Nitros consecutively one after another without a pause. The easiest place to do these are on the 5th event - "Barcelona Gracia." You can gather 3 Nitros at the beginning of the lap fairly easily. As soon as you take the turn into the very long straight away, mash the until you have used all three of your Nitro Power-ups while keeping in a straight line and not hitting a wall. Do this 4 times total and this will be checked off. Once you complete this you can just quit the race.

Earn 25 Lights

* You earn Lights by completing races and their secondary objectives. Coming in 1st place on a race earns you 5 Base Lights in that race(circle with b in it). Completing Fan Targets and Fan Runs count as lights, if you come in first place on all races that will give you a total of 30 lights in this event, so reaching 25 shouldn't be to much of a hassle.

Talon drives a Corvette ZR1, one of the fastest cars in the game. The best way to beat this One-on-One is by just completing the two laps. He will only attack if you are behind him. Get in front of him and just keep picking up Nitro Power-ups, he won't be able to keep up to your speed and you will leave him in the dirt. If you do pick up Power-ups while you are ahead, shoot them behind you on long straight aways and you may be able to get a hit on him. This will slow him down further, helping you beat this easy but brutally fast One-on-One.


2010-08-22, 13:12:37
ok ich kann kein englisch loool ich konnte es mal kann es aber nimma also kannst mir vl des wichtigest auf deutsch übersetzten??

aber danke schon trotzdem

2010-08-22, 13:20:36
Klar da steht sinngemäß:

-du musst 3 Nitros hintereinander ohne Pause nutzen
-am besten geeignet ist das 5. Event: Barcelonia Gracia
-man bekommt leicht 3 Nitros am Anfang der Runde
-in/nach der Kurve vor der langen Gerade soll man die Nitros nutzen, möglichst ohne irgendwo gegen zu fahren
-Mach das Ganze 4 mal, danach kannst du einfach beenden und musst das Rennen nich zuende fahren

2010-08-22, 13:32:18
ahh ok dankeschön probier es gleich aus danke :)