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Colin MacLaren
2012-03-28, 11:27:05
Sorry für das Englisch, möchte jetzt nicht noch einmal alles übersetzen.

I just found out that the software package provided for the Recon 3D USB also includes drivers for every Creative USB product (down to the Audigy 2NX). These drivers are of a newer build ( than the ones available on the support page of every card (which are always 1.02.x or older). It also includes updated Alchemy and Host OpenAL packages.

Then I had a look at the X-Fi MB2 Mod Pack for Realtek-Chips that is floating around the net. It includes a separate THX-Console as well as newer versions of the Audio Control Panel and Host OpenAL.

So I mixed it all together and uploaded it to my server. Drivers and in the case your card supports it, Dolby Digital Live, need to be installed manually, because I'm to lazy modifying the setup.

Creative USB Audio Drivers:
Creative ALchemy: 1.43.13
Creative Console Launcher: 2.61.53
Creative Audio Control Panel: 3.00.62
Creative Dolby Digital Live Pack: 3.01.00
Creative EAX Gadget: 1.00.04
Creative Volume Panel: 2.60.03
Host OpenAL: 2.02.56
THX TruStudio Pro Settings: 1.04.03

Should definitively work with the X-Fi HD USB and the X-Fi Surround Pro 5.1, likely with the X-Fi USB Go! Pro. For older cards without TruStudio-Support there is at least an updated driver, the utilities may work or may not.

If Alchemy doesn't recognize your card use 1.43.06 from the Pax-Master-Suite 2.05. The provided works with my X-Fi HD USB though.

Click! (data.avhserver.de/rainersmuell/CreativeX-Fi.rar)

Kein Support, das Ding war nur für mich gedacht und ist einfach nur aus öffentlich verfügbaren Teilen zusammenkopiert.