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2016-05-12, 16:04:39
Chris bringt Turrican II nochmal als Orchester-Version über Kickstarter auf den Markt!!!

http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160512/bx77z2at.jpg (http://www.directupload.net)

Aktuelle Stand 44.698 $ von 75.000 $


Wer Fan ist sollte sich beeilen!

Kickstarter-Text dazu:

2016 is a very special year for me. Not only is it 30 years since I began my professional career as a video game composer, but it also marks the 25th anniversary of legendary platform game Turrican II. As one of my most popular soundtracks ever, I wanted to create something very special to celebrate these anniversaries, and so Turrican II – The Orchestral Album was conceived!

Turrican II – The Orchestral Album will feature nearly an hour of completely new, never before heard, orchestral arrangements of some of the most popular pieces of music from Turrican II. Tracks planned for the album include The Final Fight, Freedom, The Great Bath, Concerto for Lasers and Enemies and The Desert Rocks. We will be revealing more tracks as the project progresses. Depending on the campaign’s success, all backers will get to hear Turrican II’s orchestral beauty from December this year.

We’re very lucky to have secured the hugely talented FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague to perform the music. They are one of the most sought after recording orchestras in Europe and have previously worked on several video game projects, such as the Final Fantasy Orchestral Album and soundtracks to games such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Civilization: Beyond Earth and Halo Wars.

One other aspect that makes Turrican II – The Orchestral Album special is its artwork. We’re working with a very talented team of illustrators and designers to recapture the beauty of the original game. There will be all brand new pieces of art which recreate key scenes from throughout Turrican II in a distinctive Manga style, as originally intended by the game makers.

We’re currently busy working on these and while we only have a few images ready to share, we can assure you there will be many more beautiful pieces for the finished product. These will all be showcased in the CD booklet, however, those pledging for the Deluxe Collector’s Edition Box will receive them as gorgeous, high quality, glossy Fine Art Prints (31,5 x 31,5 cm each); the perfect way to follow Bren McGuire on his adventures!

To help me produce the album I will be working closely with Thomas Böcker, Roger Wanamo and Jonne Valtonen at Merregnon Studios, the team behind some of the most critically acclaimed orchestral video game albums and concerts in the world (Final Symphony, Symphonic Fantasies). They are world experts in the field and some of you may remember their work on both the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology and my previous orchestral concert and album, Symphonic Shades.

We want to create a truly high-quality Collector’s Edition of Turrican II – The Orchestral Album that will include not just the CD and extensive production notes, but also feature a double Vinyl of the album and exclusive new artwork on the packaging. These will be produced to the highest standards possible and will be strictly limited to 1,000 individually numbered copies only! We will not be producing anymore Collector’s Editions, so backing the project will be the only way to secure one.

For fans who cannot get their hands on one of the limited Collector’s Editions in time, we are offering both physical CD and digital download tiers as well. Higher tiers will come with high quality limited edition fine art prints (31,5 x 31,5 cm each) of the artworks, and signed prints of pages from the score. We also have a one-off “super-backer” tier which includes not only your rare chance to attend one of the recording sessions in Prague, but also the actual conductor’s baton used during recording of the album! We have professional shipping plans in place to make sure that all physical rewards are delivered in a timely fashion when they are ready.

Recording orchestral arrangements of video game soundtracks is always a complex and costly process, which is why we need to raise $75,000 to make this project a reality. While the vast majority of that money is needed to hire the orchestra and recording studio, we also need to pay for the artwork, layout, new musical arrangements, post-production and mastering costs, CD, vinyl and backer reward manufacture and associated Kickstarter fees and taxes.

From previous Kickstarter campaigns we discovered it’s much better to use any potential extra income to improve the quality and scope of the existing planned products, rather than adding more and more items and potentially losing focus on what people originally pledged money to support. For that reason, we’re concentrating on just two Stretch Goals for Turrican II – The Orchestral Album, but very important ones nevertheless.

Stretch Goal 1: $100,000

Even more artwork! We will work to produce additional beautiful, original artwork for all the physical album packaging. In addition to the already planned images, we intend to add one specially themed artwork for each of Turrican II’s five distinct game worlds. Even better, Collector’s Edition backers can enjoy the art across an extended Vinyl package, featuring six instead of four pages. Not only that, the final Deluxe Edition Collector’s Box will come with five instead of three exclusive edition prints.

Stretch Goal 2: $150,000

More music! Reach this stretch goal and we will ask all our backers to vote for two additional Turrican II pieces to be arranged for the live orchestra recordings. We will also book a session with professional singers, so that we can add a live choir to some of the featured music.

2016-05-29, 11:50:28
Danke, da das Projekt zustande gekommen ist, hab ich mir auch gleich mal eine CD bestellt. =)