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2003-03-08, 23:23:17
March 7, 2003

Game Developers Conference: San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA - Deviant game developer Running With Scissors showcased the insanely popular POSTAL 2 at the 2003 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Jose, California, to unanimous raves - most of them favorable.

"Assume the position! The long tease is over. It's time we consummated this sick love affair between the Postal Dude and his adoring public," crooned a bulging Vince Desi, Running With Scissors' proud-as-a-new-papa CEO. He then re-zipped himself and turned serious for a moment. "My head feels like a grenade. I'm about to explode with joy!"

POSTAL 2 redefines the category of First-Person Shooter - it's got it all - Action Adventure, Gary Coleman, the UNREAL engine, Karma physics, motion capture by Hollywood's House of Moves, and, most importantly, endless game-play. In POSTAL 2 you'll walk in the shoes of the Postal Dude for a week of his life.

"Let me tell you why POSTAL 2 is REALLY different… You'll laugh your ass off and piss your pants when you play POSTAL 2; it'll have you dying of laughter. The violence in POSTAL 2 is so ridiculously over-the-top that it's hysterically funny," declared a delirious Vince Desi.

"I sincerely believe that Running With Scissors' premier of POSTAL 2 here at GDC should be considered a humanitarian event. We really love our fans, and now there will be no more developmentus interuptus. On behalf of our fans and the RWS team, I'm incredibly proud to rectally inject the world with what we've all so patiently waited for - POSTAL 2."

The long-awaited (and much-feared) sequel to the truly groundbreaking Postal arrives on a wave of industry anticipation and thirst for a first-person action game that delivers on its infamous predecessor's outrageousness, twisted black humor and no-holds-barred insanity. Published by Whiptail Interactive, POSTAL 2 will be available in retail stores and online worldwide this April.

Running With Scissors develops outrageous entertainment software just for the hell of it. Contact Vince Desi at 520 577 0321, vince@gopostal.com or visit http://www.gopostal.com/

POSTAL 2 and Running With Scissors are Trademarks and Service Marks of RWS, Inc. Whiptail Interactive may be visited at: http://www.whiptailinteractive.com

2003-03-08, 23:38:11
Hm...die Grafik sieht ja sehr bescheiden aus :(

2003-03-09, 01:11:05
Originally posted by J0hN|Cl4rK
Hm...die Grafik sieht ja sehr bescheiden aus :(

Jepp, sieht fast so aus als wärs ne leicht verbesserte Half-Life Engine und nicht die neuste Unreal Engine.

2003-03-09, 09:09:14
Originally posted by Radeonator
"Let me tell you why POSTAL 2 is REALLY different… You'll laugh your ass off and piss your pants when you play POSTAL 2; it'll have you dying of laughter.

Endlich mal wieder was zum lachen!

Argo Zero
2003-03-09, 14:32:55
Hehe darauf hab ich lange gewartet.

2003-03-10, 12:58:49
Originally posted by Rentner

Endlich mal wieder was zum lachen!

Sonst alles noch pälla?

2003-03-13, 23:08:22
=) :O