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2003-04-01, 09:44:27
Wie auf http://darkforces.jediknightii.net/ zu sehen, ist es wohl aus mit dem Mod Dark Force für Jedi Knight II. :finger:

Ich hoffe, dass es sich dabei nur um einen Aprilscherz handelt...


2003-04-01, 10:33:30
so wie das aussieht, wurde der mod einfach von lukas arts aufgekauft. bzw die rechte an ihm.

2003-04-02, 14:01:49
Steht auf der Seite:

News: April Fools!

OK guys, anything you have read concerning this project in the last 24 hours or so – do not believe it! This was an April Fool’s joke! Not real! The project is still go! Dave is still fine. LEC are fine. There were never any e-mails or anything. THIS PROJECT IS NOT CANNED – AND NEVER WILL BE!

If you are in the school of thought that believes this was a particularly bad joke – then all I can do is apologise. But, I couldn’t make it any more blatant – it was on April 1st after all. Please forgive me if I had you outraged. Don’t boycott LEC, they are good people – we are getting JKIII after all! Anyway, this is the idea of April Fool’s – to be fooled! And if you were, my job is done. May I point out this was Fracman’s idea as well, not just me. Cruel? Yes. Your own fault and gullibility? Yes. Do you really think they’d sue Darth_Linux for $250,000? Do you think he could get 6 years for this? If you do, then you are truly gullible. I tried to make it authentic, as well as slightly unbelievable.

I guess the only thing I can really blame it on is my dark, British sense of humour.

Once again, anyone I have unknowingly annoyed or inconvenienced due to this, then you have my heart felt apology.

I guess I’ll have to have one HELL of an update this weekend to appease you guys. Over and out…

(c) http://darkforces.jediknightii.net/

2003-04-02, 15:22:04
Tja, hätte mich auch echt gewundert wenn LucasArts soweit gegangen wäre :)