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2003-06-20, 15:08:06
Eines der ersten Planetside Review findet man bei FS.com.
In a way, the basics of PlanetSide are nothing new. Warbirds, a flight sim, has been doing this same kind of thing for five years, using similar technology. But PlanetSideís innovation is to put it into a readily accessible sci-fi-themed Tribes-style first person shooter. Vehicles, weapons, bases, and factions are all inter-woven into a system of balanced and sophisticated combat, even if it does feel like fighting for fightingís sake.
Sony will be folding in some new features over the next few months to encourage more long-term gratification, but for now, youíre going to have to ask yourself a hard question: are you willing to pay a monthly fee for this sort of short-term gameplay? Personally, Iím not. There are too many similar online games that donít require a monthly fee. Right now, the servers have plenty of activity from people enjoying the first month they got with the retail purchase. Itíll be interesting to see where it stands in another month. But even though I probably wonít be playing, that doesnít change the fact that PlanetSide is ultimately successful at something no one else has done this well.