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2003-06-26, 01:26:33

ich habe das game installt im win98 modus dann patch drueber dann highres mod drueber und wenn ich versuche das spiel zu starten kommt ne fehlermeldung "13MB freier speicherplatz, Shock 2 benoetigt 35Mb. nicht ausreichend speicherplatz"

was soll das? ich hab auf C: noch 16Gb frei. weiß jemand rat?

2003-06-26, 08:49:34
Hier der Text zu System Shock II und Win2k:

Received the follow messages:
1)To install System Shock 2 on your Windows 2000 system, you will need to run the following command (from a DOS window or
using the Run Program command): Setup -lgntforce also you need
the patch from http://www.lglass.com/cs/shkpatch.exe
to fix the incompatibility with the SafeDisk copy protection and
the OS.
2) Fails to work under Matrox G200 cards due to driver bug.
(Even after patch.) Game installs fine, but exits out with a
black screen and then an error message from SS2 -- "YOUR
Thief 1 & 2, also by Looking
Glass, have problems with the driver. Matrox is aware of the bug
it will hopefully be fixed in the next driver revision. http://forum.matrox.com/mgaforum/Forum10/HTML/000644.html
3) I tried the sugguestions noted but the game hangs once I get into a mission. No clue if its 2000 related, or hardware related. Have dual 800 PIII's, 128 rdram, geforce2 gts, sb x-gamer, both with latest drivers.
4) If you have dual CPUs, you need to start the game, then set the affinity to only one CPU in task manager. With affinity set to both CPUs, SS2 will crash.
5) If installed using "setup.exe -lgntforce" (no quote marks) and the patch is installed then it should work fine.
6) Have to force install from CD by adding -lgntforce after the exe. Then install the newest patch and it'll work.
7) The old link to the patch is dead. This works and its also the original link.
8) The game and the patches installed normally.
On some of the menu screens, the mouse pointer "freezes" on the screen, but is actually still moving... you just can't see it. If you listen for the sounds that the pointer makes when it passes over a hover button, you can switch to the desktop and then switch back to the game to get a new snapshot and hopefully be close to the button you need.

Ist alles von www.ntcompatible.com und bei mir läufts auch problemlos, wenn ich es mit '-lgntforce' installiere.

2003-06-26, 16:30:21
oh danke :) ich hatte das schon voher gelesen und probiert aber irgendwie funzte das net jetzt gehts aber :)