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2003-09-06, 13:20:52
gestern ist für Linux eine neue Beta für Opera erschienen. Das mir jetzt aber keiner anfängt mit "Meine Beta ist größer als eure ;);D"

QUELLE (http://my.opera.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=29491)
Opera 7.20 Beta 9 for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD available

Opera 7.20 Beta 9 for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD available

Hi all,

Opera 7.20 Beta 9 for Linux (intel, PPC, Sparc) Solaris/Sparc
and FreeBSD/Intel is now available for download

Download from:






* Note 1: release 5 is a shared build for RedHat-9
* Note 2: Static releases, except intel-linux, now include a Qt-less libnpp.
* Note 3: There has been a beta 8 for Windows but not for Linux in case
you wonder if you missed an announcement.

Please discuss this release in the opera.linux or opera.os.solaris newsgroups
or opera-linux mail list before submitting bugs to our BTS (Bug Tracking System).

When you start a thread on opera.linux newsgroup or opera-linux mail list
please do not reply to this message. Instead: Write a subject line that
tells what you want to talk about. That way it is much simpler to keep
track of everything.

Changelog since beta 7

- Fixed a problem that caused files with no extension not to be shown in directory
listings in the browser area.
- Fix for setting background properties with DOM
- Fix for changing CSS properties with DOM
- Fix for image maps in SSR
- Fix for ideographic whitespace in dropdowns/listboxes
- Added handling of special date format strings that cause problems with some cookies
- Fixed handling of Javascript URLs that started with "//" (the // is now ignored)
- Fixed problem with filenames without extension in directory listings
- JS: Use current url, not referencing url, to determine whether an assignment to
location.href should be handled as a reload
- JS: Use the window object as "this" when cal

- Fixed account category dropdown in account properties to show categories in use
- Rewritten address-parsing to handle "name"<Address>. Risky fix - please test!
- Charset should be set on body element in multipart messages
- Show subscribe dialog after creating news account
- Fixed: Focus could sometimes be set wrong when composing/replying message
- Match email too in address complete dropdown
- Fix: Couldn't append mail to IMAP folders
- Made clickable area of attachments smaller and more visible
- Fix to not crash when filtering e-mail with (invalid) regexp "*"
- Better error-handling of incorrect date headers when receiving messages
- Better control of function stripping whitespace and quote characters
- <td background=...> could load external content

- Fixed an old bug that caused opera to print to the first
printer in the print dialog box regardless of what printer
was selected. It would happen if there was no custom
printer defined.

- Open security page in preference dialog box when clicking the security
button on the progress bar.
- Do not append a trailing dot ('.') to the suggested filename if there is
no extension when saving a file (save link as)
- Added a fix so that selected text will not crash the javascript
console when it is cleared.

- Allow proper restore for toolbars and hotlist when returning
from fullscreen
- Strip text entered from address bar fields for spaces at end
and in front. Search requests could fail without this.
- Added an improved context menu for search field on the personal bar.
- Fix when using addressbar at bottom and getting a popup without addressbar
and then toggling it on. It would come at top.

- Fixed edit context menu position problems for zoomed pages.
- Avoid long popup menus to cover the menubar. Will only work when opera
is running in maximized mode.
- Restore menubar decoration (mdi button controls) on startup.
- Use a bold menu entry to indicate active page in window menu list

Keyboard, mouse and actions
- Added internal support for horizontal wheel events.
- Do not attempt to show tooltip if opera is located on a non-active workspace.
This could happen if the workspace was switched with a keyboard shortcut.
- Let Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab toggle pages in print dialog
- Added support for running opera without showing the mouse cursor.
This is controlled by a flag which is set in opera6.ini
[User Prefs]
Hide Mouse Cursor=0|1 (0 is default setting)
- Fixed a mid-click paste problem in multiline edit fields.
The pasted text would not be inserted at the mouse pointer
position the first time one tried to paste.
- Made it possible to have actions specify the action value after an action
string was specified. Makes it possible to do:
Show popup menu, "Internal access points", -3 to directly show the "All messages"
- Support for smooth scrolling when using mousewheel over quick list widgets
- In views where drag'n'drop is disabled, enable drag selection. Effect: you
can hold down mouse button and move mouse to select different items...
Like in the preferences dialog, hold down button is list on the left and drag
to quickly move through the prefs pages

Window sessions:
- Make a backup of autopera.win if we start after a crash or
premature exit and choose not to "continue from last time".
The backup is named autopera.win.bak

Command line and pref settings.
- Added support for a "--version" command line option
- Opera settings can contain environment variables. opera.ini can now have
variables with system environment variables
Download Directory=$HOME/downloads

- Fix for correct values on txgulfcoast.com
- Added "Never on entire server"

- Fix for java enabled/not enabled in About Opera page
- Clean up About Opera page code so that is validates better
- Do not create "~/.opera/ini" directory on startup
- Implemented better testing of exiting directories on startup
A (broken) symbolic link to a directory that had been removed
would not be detected brefore this update.