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2002-01-14, 01:22:41
My 1.25 was working just fine. This morning I went to view a demo from ec and I got this message: Runtime error 216 at 00003068.

I usually view the demos from the zip file and have no problems whatsoever.
I unregistered the demo extensions and deleted the dcs folder and the pr switcher.
Then reinstalled dsc and same message.
I even tried 1.26 as some one suggested the new pr. But no change.
I get this error: internal error: unknown dde connection type
before this one: Runtime error 216 at 00003068.
Been at it for hours.
os win/me q3/1.31 osp/1.00 cpma/.99.8

What can I do?


2002-01-14, 02:12:49
Open your v1.26 DSC.exe, press the unregister button and then the register button again. If you get no errors on doing this all should be set fine. If it's not then I would assume that your Windows installation (Registry) has a problem. The error msg "Internal ERROR: Unknown DDE connection type." indicates corrupted Registry Keys for DSC light.

Also be sure to not install other Q3 demoplay tools after you have registered DSC's file extensions.


2002-01-14, 06:18:05
OMG thatís all it was! Thx. I spent about 2 1/2 hours (actually more.) trying before posting hearth Ral.
And yes this utility is a masterwork. THANK YOU!