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2002-01-15, 20:33:07
What's new
bugfix: When playing Q3 1.17 demos the q3config.cfg was screwed up somtimes.


2002-01-15, 22:04:00
the link on the beta page still points to the 1.26 package..

oh and thanks for you reply.. next time i'll take a closer look before complaining :)


2002-01-16, 12:29:59
thx, the link is fixed.

2002-01-19, 10:55:22
hi all!

i really waited for a dsc-version compatible with pr 1.31... but after having installed it, i noticed a small problem:

i have very low graphic settings in my q3a to guarantee high fps and a good overview... but when i watch my demos, i want highres graphics. so i did a extra config "graphics.cfg" which contains the highres graphics settings. i added "+exec scripts\graphics.cfg" to the xtra cmdline under "other options". the problem is, that the file is definately executed (so the path is correct) but some changes which need an extra vid_restart aren't submitted. for example:

cg_simpleitems is changed correctly as it doesn't need a vid_restart
r_picmip stays to my low settings as it needs a vid_restart to be changend.

when i add +vid_restart to the xtra cmdline, the game restarts and all the changes are made... plz help!!

c ya


2002-01-23, 14:30:06
I fear thats by design of the q3a engine.

When you execute q3a yourself like

q3a_dir\quake3.exe +exec graphics.cfg +demo mydemo

and not all the graphic settings from "graphics.cfg" will be changed before playing the demo "mydemo", then indeed, the solution should be to add a "+vid_restart" to the command line parameters.

At the weekend I have the time to have a look at it. Could you send me your original q3config.cfg and your graphics.cfg please?



2002-01-23, 15:00:40
hi ral!!

thx for yer reply!! of course, i can send you my q3config.cfg and the other config. just one little thing:

i'm not completely sure, but i think this already worked with v124a of dsc light... maybe, you changed something since then, i don't know!!

thx for yer help!! it would be fine, if you'd fix this!

c ya


P.P.: just one thing: i have a "autoexec.cfg" in my baseq3-dir that executes the .cfg-file with the lowres graphics settings... perhaps this is also important...