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2004-02-05, 13:10:19
DNA (a)


Download hier :

* Custom resolutions are now available in 60Hz
* Introduced a whole new installation system
- (this system includes)
-:Help pages in the installation screens
-:SoftMods can now be installed from within the installer
-Option to decide to install drivers directly or later
-Option to Reboot manually after the installation
* Deleted FireGL support (file size got to big,
- expect the support to be back in a later release)
* Redone some D3D tweaks
* Redone some OpenGL tweaks
* Fixed the Radeon 9600 XT showing up as a
- 9600 SERIES in the device manage (this fix was already
- in the drivers but i forgot it in
* Fixed some resolution problems (was correct in all
- previous releases but not in
* Fixed the start-menu icons