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Doc PeWe
2004-02-12, 20:17:21
Hi liebe Gamer-Kollegas,

eine NEUER Treiber von ATi und alles wird gut.

Die NEUHEITEN vorab in English!

Ich kann es kaum erwarten Ihn zu testen um die Performance NACHZUVOLLZIEHEN.

Ich bitte um kurzen INPUT bezüglich der Performance-Zuwächse.

ATI is in a conjunction with Beyond3d.com and DriverHeaven.net and have released a "SMARSHADER Effects" tool.

This innovative new concept will let users create their own shaders and load them up on CATALYST.

Woooow - Eigene Shadereffekte sind klasse, endlich Doom in meiner Lieblingsfarbe!!!!

Both Beyond3d.com and Driverheaven.net will be hosting this tool as well as having great end user contests to get peoples creative shader juices flowing. These can be found here and I highly recommend checking them out




Component Video Output Enhancement
The latest ATI software driver now allows the user the choice of using panning mode or a center-timing mode in which the image would appear in the center of the TV screen when using the Component Video output on an HDTV display. This option is found in the ATI Control Panel and is supported under the Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows ME operating systems. This feature is available on the ATI RADEON(tm) 8500 and higher class of products.

Direct3D Setting Enhancement
Previous versions of the ATI display driver required the monitor going blank for up to 8 seconds when applying Direct3D settings. The latest ATI software driver for the RADEON(tm) 9500 and higher class of products now allows for the Direct3D setting to be applied without the monitor's display going blank.

Performance Improvements
As with most CATALYST(tm) releases performance has increased in various situations. This release of CATALYST(tm) provides performance gains to the ATI DX8 product family. These products include the RADEON(tm) 9200, 9000, and 8500 series. Performance gains are noticed throughout the following software:

Framerates in Unreal Tournament 2003 is up by 15%

A performance gain of between 5 and 10% is noticed in Aquamark3

A performance gain of between 2-3% is noticed in ShaderMark scores

Framerates in Halo is up between 3-4%

A performance improvement of 2% is noticed in Tomb Raider

Some Resolved Game Issues
This section provides information on game issues that have been resolved in the latest release of CATALYST(tm). These include the following:

Launching the game Tron 2.0 under Windows XP no longer results in the game failing to respond after the game introduction is loaded

Launching the game Line of Sight: Vietnam and setting the graphics option to 800x600 16bpp no longer results in the game failing to respond when selecting a new game

Running the game Armed and Dangerous under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON(tm) 9200 series installed no longer results in the display image appearing corrupted when selecting Storm the Base mission in the game

The game Half-Life is now displayed properly under Windows XP when the game resolution is set to either 320x240 or 400x300

Playing the game Serious Sam 2 under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON&tdrade; 9500/9800 series installed no longer results in the game failing to run when the game option is set to OpenGL

Playing the game Unreal Tournament 2003 under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON(tm) 9600 series installed no longer results in texture corruption being displayed on the flag surfaces in the DM-Tokara Forest

Selecting the Optimum Quality setting in D3D control panel no longer results in a frozen frame when launching the game HALO

Setting the resolution in the game SpyHunter to 1280x1024 along with having the Use Recommended Settings slider set to balanced in the ATI 3D tab no longer results in some background images being missing while the game is loading

Setting the display option to 640x480 or 800x600 in the game Splinter Cell no longer results in the game menu flickering

Returning to the main menu in the game Counter-Strike no longer results in the game's refresh rate reverting back to 60Hz when resuming game play

New Features found in the ATI MULTIMEDIA CENTER(tm) 8.9
Smooth Aspect Ratio Transition Enhancement
EAZYLOOK(tm) allows the user to view TV and DVD features from a distance. Currently when changing the aspect ratio in the TV or DVD the transition changes are not smooth. This new feature allows for a smooth transition when changing the aspect ratio.

EAZYLOOK(tm) Menu Functionality
With the new EAZYLOOK(tm) menu functionality, feature level menus can now be viewed when using EAZYLOOK(tm). Feature can now be configured with ease when using EAZYLOOK(tm). Further, users will have an easier time changing settings that are mapped to programmable keys on the remote.

Enhanced Scheduled Event Recording
The latest version of the ATI MULTIMEDIA CENTER(tm) allows users to create and record a scheduled event without viewing the video. Right-clicking on the record button provide the user with a drop down menu that provides a short cut to the recording options available.

Grüsse Doc

2004-02-12, 20:22:09
mal sehen ob die asteroiden in x2 nimmer flimmern

Doc PeWe
2004-02-12, 20:30:27
Original geschrieben von Sumpfmolch
mal sehen ob die asteroiden in x2 nimmer flimmern

Sag bescheid! Es kommen ja noch 10 Treiber dieses Jahr, die Chance ist demnach sehr hoch das der Fehler (künftig)beseitigt wird bzw. wenn noch nicht ERLEDIGT!

Einfach mal an ATI mailen mit der genauen Fehlerbeschreibung. Mein Tip!

Grüsse Doc

2004-02-12, 20:41:39
Falsches Forum.

Und hier ist der offizelle Thread zum Cat4.2.