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2002-03-01, 17:37:09
hi there!!

some time ago, i made a post here concerning a bug in dsc light v1.27. i'm not sure, if you still know about it, because the forum was down. so, i just repeat it!!

the problem is, that when i set Xtra-CmdLine e.g. '+exec scripts\graphics.cfg', the graphics is executed after the demo has loaded. you need one 'vid_restart' to get the settings saved in the .cfg-file. but i already have a solution for this. when you first execute the params set in Xtra-CmdLine and then load the demo, the error doesn't occure... i just tried myself (windows cmdline).

'quake3.exe +set fs_game osp +demo demo0001 +exec scripts\graphics.cfg' doesn't work fine

'quake3.exe +set fs_game osp +exec scripts\graphics.cfg +demo demo0001' works excellent.

so plz fix this!!

keep on with this tool!! it's really brilliant!!

c ya


2002-03-21, 00:32:04
double post!

2002-03-22, 21:19:21
Stecke im Moment bis zum Hals in Arbeit. Update kommt bald (innerhalb 2 Wochen ca.), auch für wdp.