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2004-04-12, 14:04:16

A first live demonstration of the chip at Tom's Hardware Guide labs in Munich supports Intel's bold performance statement. "The graphics performance of the reference platform appears to be on the same level as those of chips currently used in game consoles," said Harald Thon, managing editor. So far it is just an subjective impression, but Thon said he was surprised by lighting and shader effects, display of detail and the frame rate of the FPS demo which ran in VGA resolution.

2004-04-12, 14:37:59
Pricing info in this one :


And to clear up some confusion :


QUOTE : Intel nicely cleared up for us the codename confusion that has surrounded the 2700G. Readers may recall Intel COO Paul Otellini discussing the part in January under the codename 'Carbonado'. Later, it appeared to change to 'Marathon'. Now the truth can be revealed: Marathon is the 2700G, Carbonado is Intel's wireless PDA reference platform built around Bulverde and Marathon.



QUOTE : Such companies as LG Electronics and Pantech Group, however, plan to use the processors and accelerators for export items, especially for the Europe-dominant global system for mobile communications (GSM) phones.

Some pictures :


2004-04-12, 16:27:36
I think the most important bit is this:
According to Peddie, the chip is "based on the licensing of intellectual property (IP) of Imagination Technologies' PowerVR MBX processor."