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2001-06-02, 18:37:31
First of all, thanks so much for this excellent demo viewing utility. It is fully-featured and a pleasure to use!

I'm having a problem playing demos for the mod called Alliance. Generally I can play demos, but there are a couple that I cannot. The demos will appear to load normally, then inside the first second of play, the demo breaks, and Alliance breaks, and I get bounced back to the Q3 menu (not the Alliance menu as I expect to happen). The console contains this message:
ERROR: Unknown Event: 93
RE_Shutdown ( 0 )
Hunk_Clear : Reset the hunk ok

Do you know what is going wrong? Just in case you want to test this out yourself, here are links:

http://www.planetquake.com/alliance/ (for the Mod)

http://justicetalk.com/LoD/demo/demo_match-LoD_vs_Patriots_05232001.zip (for the demo)

Thanks for your time. And keep up the good work!

2001-06-02, 19:28:32
I have the Alliance Mod not tested yet, but I have a assumption about the reason for your problem.

The Error message "ERROR: Unknown Event: 93" indicates that
te demo may be from a different Alliance version that you have installed. If there are dm3 demos you can play and dm_48 demos you cannot play (or reversed), you may be able to switch the Alliance versions to solve the problem. See versionswitch.txt for more details. If this doesn't solve your problems please send me an email to


and I will install Alliance myself, but don't expect a result before 2 weeks, since I have not much time for DSC now.

Thanks for your feedback,

2001-06-19, 16:19:41
Thanks! As it happens, I've seen the problem happen in demos of games that I was playing in (recorded by another participant), and even games that I myself recorded while playing, so I don't think the issue is version conflict. Don't sweat it, it works most of the time. Thanks for answering. You do good work, my friend, keep it up! Kudos!