Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Zeit der geleakten Detos vorbei ?

2001-06-04, 19:54:12
Hi Leute,

Nvidia will wohl das durchsickern von geleakten Beta-Detos stärker verhindern:

We have heard that Nvidia is trying to stop driver leaks over the internet. They have re-opened the developers section with a little note about the leaks that are happening all over the place. But in real life Nvidia doesn't really bother the leaks otherwise we would have got a letter or something from them (or not zoiah?):


We apologize for the delay in getting our registered site fully up and running. We originally had to shut down the site due to major security issues regarding pre-release drivers. Because of numerous leaks, we had to shut down the site for everyone. Additionally, we are beginning a transition of our web server backend to a more powerful and flexible package and certain infrastructure changes were necessary.

We take our registered site seriously and we NEVER release drivers to the web unless it is an official build from our public site. We are now ready to re-open the site. More strict criteria will be employed in the process of re-enabling access to avoid this problem in the future.

Ob die das durchhalten - ich bezweifle es stark, schließlich gehen Nvidia Millionen von Beta-Testern verloren ;)

2001-06-04, 23:52:05
Hoffe doch, ist doch kaum noch überschaubar das Ganze. Aber allein aus Marketinggründen wäre das eher ne Fehlentscheidung, so bleiben die doch in aller Munde. =) ;)