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2001-06-10, 08:31:51
Hab ich bei www.savagenews.com gelesen... ;-)

KYRO II Extreme !?
Just found some juicy information on what seem to be extreme version of the KYRO II gfx chip who seem will operate at 200MHz for both core and memory (bye bye GeForce2 Pro :p). Here you'll read the most interesting parts of Extreme Tech's article:

According to Frederick Fu (President, STMicro Taiwan), the 4500 will be refreshed by a new STG4800 in "a couple of months." The core will be virtually identical and pin-compatible with the 4500, Fu said, and the manufacturing process will still utilize 0.18-micron linewidths. However, the core speed and memory speed will be increased to 200 MHz.


Fu could not say if the die size would also remain fixed; reportedly, Imagination added about 3 million transistors, for a total of 15 million, to increase the STG4500's core speed to its current 175-MHz level.


Imagination and ST plan a more important product by the end of 2001, the STG5500. Fu described the new core as a complete redesign, designed to provide three times the performance of the 4000 series.

The STG5500 will feature four pixel-processing pipelines, as well as a hardware-based transformation and lighting engine. While the hardware T&L will nominally place the Kyro on par with the latest Radeon and GeForce chips, Fu did not say if the engine will be programmable, a benefit Nvidia touts.

The STG5500 may be branded as "Kyro 3," Fu said. The chip will shift to a 0.13-micron manufacturing process, while the core speed will be increased to about 250 MHz, he said.

Because the Kyro's tiling architecture reduces the required memory bandwidth, the STG 4xxx-series parts have used cheaper single-data-rate memory, Fu said. But the STG5500's new core will require the increased bandwidth of DDR memory. The chip will support up to 64 Mbytes of frame buffer DRAM, consistent with earlier versions.
That sounds really nice, but isn't it too late for KYRO II Extreme (might be Pro or Plus, etc.) ??? Anyway, It won't be bad :)

2001-06-10, 12:13:48
Auf 3dconcept.ch konnte man ähnliches lesen....

2001-06-10, 12:24:46
3DConcept hat das auch gebracht, scheint also was dran zu sein.
Die kyro II Ultra ist jetzt aber für mich uninterresant, da ich die Kyro II schon habe, wird sich aber bestimmt positiv auf die Kyro-Verkaufszahlen auswirken. Daß die Kyro 3 aber schon Ende des Jahres rauskommt finde ich gut. Bin mal gespannt, was das Teil dann entgültig an Leistung abliefert.

2001-06-10, 12:37:01
Was mir an der Kyro II so gefällt, ist das die eben mit noch schnelleren CPUs so gut performt...

Da lohnt sich doch mal wieder ein neuer (z.Zt. ja recht billiger) übertakteter Athlon....

Und die "Ultra-Version" wird dann noch schneller werden...

*freu* *aufnvidiaendlichscheissenkann* *freu*

2001-06-10, 12:42:55
...gelöschtes Doppel-Posting...

...man der Server ist so lahm...