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2004-12-21, 15:03:07
Also doch noch geschafft! :rolleyes:

Key features of PureVideo include:

*High-definition MPEG-2 Hardware Acceleration. A dedicated 16-way vector processor enables smooth playback of HD video with minimal CPU usage.

=> *WMV High-definition Hardware Acceleration. ;D Programmable support of the newest format enabled by Microsoft Windows Media Player and Windows XP

*Media Center Edition 2005 for fluid playback of WMV and WMV HD content.
High-quality Real-time Video Recording. An advanced motion-estimation engine makes it possible to record in real-time without a loss in quality.

*Spatial / Temporal Adaptive De-Interlacing. Experience interlaced content from satellite, cable, and DVD feeds in full detail and without jagged edges or artifacts.

*3:2 Pull-down Correction and “Bad Edit” Correction³. Restore video to its original 24fps film format to experience a crystal clear picture, frame after frame.

*Flicker-free Multi-Stream Scaling. High-quality 4-tap by 5-tap scaling maintains image detail, even when scaling a small video to a large area of the screen.

*Display Gamma Correction. Automatic format detection adjusts the color quality of video playback so that it is not too dark, overly bright or washed out, regardless of the display.

NVIDIA DVD Decoder Trial (http://www.nvidia.com/object/dvd_decoder_1.00.67-trial.html)

PR nvidia (http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_17568.html)

Info nvidia (http://www.nvidia.com/page/purevideo.html)


die Kompatibilitätsliste ;o) (http://www.nvidia.com/page/purevideo_support.html)

2004-12-21, 21:23:31
Für solche offiziellen Ankündigungen gibt es den NVidia News Sammelthread (http://www.forum-3dcenter.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=160222)