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2002-05-19, 16:04:23
Is it possible to get the source code of DSC ? :)
I'm very interrrested by the Q3 demo file format specs ...
Where did you found information about it ?

2002-05-20, 08:49:02
For dm3 files look into the argus source code.


later protocol versions are not public available, especially not the latest for dm_66/dm_67 demos. The next version of dsc will have dm_66/dm_67 parsing, but I cannot publish the source code for this. if I would do so, I would support aimbot programmer and I would get trouble with id software inc.

2002-05-20, 21:21:08
Yes, I understand. I wasn't really expexting an other answer.
But you give me what I really wanted : a link to demo specs.
I have only Quake2 demo specs and now that I have found the main architecture of a demo file, I would like to have more info about messages types ...
I'm in fact interrested in how players names, map name, etc are strored (the first message in the file).
How have you done to get this info ? Did you found it lone ?
Thanks a lot.

2002-05-22, 08:54:16
Originally posted by HelloWorld
[..]How have you done to get this info ? Did you found it lone ?
Thanks a lot.

Some things I worked out alone, others with a 'helping hand'. Martin Otten (the author of argus) for example had helped me a lot in basicely understanding the demo file structure at the beginning of dsc coding. Myself I played around many days and hours to get plausible parsing results for the different popular mods. That was a rather fuzzy kind of (unfinished) work. Now since about one year I have a very time intensive job and also no more major interest in this kind of programming, but I will try to make dsc to something like a final version soon, because I've got some informations about the dm_66/67 file structure, which I need to finish the work on dsc.