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2001-06-24, 23:09:40
Due to the release of the new PR 129f I have made a light (player only) version of DSC which is dm_66 compatible.

It can play 1.17, 1.27h, 1.29f demos. See below for details.


or download directly at


DSC Light 1.0 Beta 06/24/2001 (c) Ralph Stoesser

Files within the archive dsclight_10beta.exe

DSC.exe (DSC program file)
Q3DC.exe (Strider's demo converter 1.17 -> 1.27h, 0.99 beta)

Q3DC.txt (Description for Strider's demo converter 0.99 beta)

129f_127h.upd (Patch files for version switch initialization)

ra3_switch.zip (Files to enable RA3 version switch)
read1st.txt (The file you are reading)
versionswitch.txt (Description of and options for Q3A version switch)

Note: New help file not yet available!

What's it
It's a light version of DSC (demo player) with Point Release 1.29f
compatibility. Look at the
context menu for demo files. Double click a demo to play it. Convert a demo
from 1.17 to 1.27h.
Open the properties window of a demo, save demo and player descriptions.

Note: Due to the new network protocol of PR 1.29f, dm_66 demo cannot yet
parsed for informations like
winner, pov, map and so on.

I've choosen to play dm_66 demos always as CPMA demos for now, since this
great mod can handle baseq3,
OSP, RA3 and of course CPMA demos.
Other 1.29f mod demos than the above mentioned are not supported yet.
Download the newest version of CPMA at http://www.promode.org/.

For users of earlier versions: Delete all the *.old and *.new files from
your Q3A root
directory and your mod directories.

You should have Q3 1.29f or newer installed, otherwise version switch can
not be initialized.
For compatibility with Q3 1.29f demos you _must_ install CPMA 0.99u2 or
newer for now.

Extract the archive and execute DSC.exe. At the first start DSC will execute
installation wizard. Close all running programs and go through the
installation steps.

1) Switch back to Quake III Arena v1.29f if neccessay.
1) Unregister the Demo file extensions. Click the "Unregister" button in
options dialog.
3) Delete the "quake3.exe.117" and "quake3.exe.127h" within your Quake III
Arena root directory.
In case you have configured additional files for version switch, delete
all files *.117 and
*.127h from your mod directories .
3) Delete the DSC folder.

Additional informations
See "versionswitch.txt" for detailed information about the version switching

The installation wizard uses the "update patch" technology from Moritz A.

This software is beta. If you find bugs, please report it to