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2002-05-28, 17:52:38
Hi there,

wenn ihr so wie ich seid und nicht die ganze Zeit wegen Updates eurer Software nachdenkt, dann ist euch u.U. das wichtigste Update seit V4 verpasst:


Update to Version 4.06

The following is a list of bug fixes and improvements included in the update:

- Image mapped bumps not applied correctly on rotated objects in Object Space mode.
- Bad shadows cast on boolean operations involving polygon meshes.
- Now possible to animate gels.
- Restored default system file browsers instead of custom browsers (except under Mac OS X v10.0.x; strange colors appear on OS X due to a bug in the OS - not our fault...).
- Bump maps were slightly offset relative to the color maps.
- Very rare problem when rendering polygon meshes with no thickness.
- Anti-aliased and Receive shadow material properties not saved/restored properly.
- Field interlacing options inverted in Advanced Animation Options dialog.
- Mixing transparent materials with different fade out colors would produce an unexpected fade color.
- Sunlight auto-decay not saved in standard atmosphere model.
- Volumetric materials not animated correctly.
- Incorrect panoramic renders in multi-processor mode.
- The Animation File Format Options box sometimes appears for the wrong format after changing file format with browser.
- Spherical and cylindrical mappings were flipped horizontally. Warning: mappings created with Vue 4.05 or earlier will be flipped horizontally in 4.06 (enter -1 X axis Picture scale to compensate).
- The views tooltip did not appear when OpenGL was enabled.
- Corrupted alpha channel when rendering to disk with anti-aliasing.
- Objects with the "Main view only" or "Hidden" properties would still appear in wireframe mode.
- "Sunlight masked by clouds" not restored after canceling modifications in Atmosphere Editor.
- Strong noise would appear when rendering some imported meshes with reflective materials.
- Crash when saving multiple objects or objects with linking/tracking.
- Problem when using Effects brush before and after changing terrain resolution.
- Problem when using Undo/Redo brush after changing terrain resolution.
- Reduced the height of Stones, Pebbles and Fir Trees, and made it independent of terrain resolution. [YES !!! .rb]
- Fixed Grit, Gravel and Stairs Effects brush modes.
- Memory leak when rendering some boolean operations that involve groups.
- Very bright highlights would sometimes appear quantized.
- Now displays a warning when attempting to save a PICT file larger than 4095 pixels.

Ausserdem hat e-on auch noch die Community-Page aufgerüstet:

Besonders wertvoll: die Foren und Resourcen-Pages:

Und eine Mailing-List gibt's auch:

Leider wurde das Geforce-Problem mitm OpenGL-Renderer noch nicht behoben. Der Ball liegt aber bei NV, da kann man e-on kaum Vorwürfe machen.

Die OS-X Version ist übrigens erstaunlich stabil, falls das wen hier in einem PC-Forum interessiert. ;)

OK, soviel mal dazu. Ihr fragt euch jetzt vielleicht, weshalb ich das hier poste? Well, ich hatte vor einiger Zeit mal eine Umfrage zu Landschafts-Renderern gestartet, und einige hatten mich dann noch ge PM-t (hi Kai ;) ). Daher: Posting.

Hope this helps,