Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Intel Treiber 14.11 für Intel® 865G, 852/855 GM/GME, Intel® 910GL and 915G/GV Express

2005-03-25, 11:22:16
Es gibt einen neuen Treiber für Intel-Onboardlösungen.

Features Added in Baseline 14.11.0:

Support for HDTV modes for Intel(r) 915GM Chipset
SMI 1.3 support (915G/GM only)
Additional FourCC Offscreen Plain Formats for D3D
Define DTD timings in VBIOS for 1680 x1050 LFP instead of 1600 x 1050
Enable A2R10G10B10 Render Target
EDID Enumeration of Detailed Timing Descriptor Blocks
Support for SDVO-TVout
Support for Frame Buffer Compression with 915GM (C1 Stepping)

Issues Resolved (i825,855):
[WinXP-TE] Shape of eraser of Windows Journal corrput when using 90 degree or 270 degree with some settings. Win2000, Windows* XP, TabletPC
[Win2000 only]CRT does not turn ON, after Suspend LCD/CRT connecting CRT and Resume disconnecting CRT. Win2000
[LPT/GDG/SGD] Error at ialmgicd.dll when run OpenGL Benchmark. Windows* XP
Fix for MCE HDTV not running smoothly Win2000, Windows* XP
String shaken by vertical scroll on Outlook Express Windows* XP
DVD overlay is not shown on CRT in DDC mode. Windows* XP
LID disable extended view (CRT&DVI) and enable dual view (CRT&LCD) or CRT only once it is release. Win2000, Windows* XP
Using Lightwave 3D software 7.5, camera disappears when rotated Windows* XP
Functional Failure / DD - The display mode is changed to CRT only mode and only the Notebook icon is displayed on IGT after setting the display mode to Extended Desktop. Windows* 2000
Persist refresh rate of the 2nd display in DDC mode. Windows* 2000, Windows* XP
GHAL support for DD_ColorKey Blt Windows* 2000, Windows* XP
Problem on DXVA host IDCT decode function. Windows* XP
On lid close in FSDOS display does not turn off Windows* XP
Intel GMA Driver Icon in control panel is remained even when the driver is not loading. Windows* XP
Rotation Tab appears when change vBIOS even though Rotation is disabled by vBIOS. Windows* XP
The TV position button in IGT page is grayed out after clicking one of position button once. Windows* 2000, Windows* XP
System hangs with black screen while system goes Standby (ACPI S3). Windows* XP