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Mr. Lolman
2005-05-07, 14:16:46
...meint http://www.3dfxzone.it/news/puntatore.php?uid=968. Klingt ja sehr vielversprechend. Leider höchstwahrscheinlich wieder nix mit forcierbarer Texturkompression, aber trotzdem interessant:

Hi guys,
In the next days we will release a new driver set, that will born with the Alpha 28 D3D core, new opengl library very good for quality and performance (new glide3x, but uncertain) and for the first time it will include a "new our dll" in the standard driver package. In fact, the installation program will supply to install system dxtn.dll correctly. This DLL, wich we have discuss here: http://www.forumzone.it/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14673&FORUM_ID=40&CAT_ID=25&Topic_Title=MesaFx+Vs+3dfxogl+in+Quake+III&Forum_Title=3dfx+Hardware+e+Software+%2D+Discussioni, it will be only a container lacking of functions. It will be the user that will have to replace it with the real one. Any way drivers will works correctly as well also if no replacement will be made. We chose this solution avoiding copyright problems.

Now, D3D section have new triangle setup optimized routine. The benefits are appreciable with all games based on UT2003, Unreal2 and UT2004 graphic engine. NFSU, although is still not appreciable, but it denotes a good increment in perfomance. Good feedbacks also from other games like Spiderman the movie; it works very well, also with FSAA activated (with Voodoo5 6000 you will have very good response at 1024x768x32 bit with FSAA2x). Good news also from MAFIA, GTA3, GTA3 Vice City, Max Payne 2, F1GP4 Tomb Raider AOD (videoclip problem unsolved at the moment) and Vietcong all at 1024x768x32 bit with FSAA2x!

Restyling for OpenGL section. The improvements regard in particular T&L routine. All games that i tried show FPS increase and higher compatibility of new Dxtn.dll. Many games helped me for tests, exactly: Call of Duty, Call Of Duty United Offensive, MOHAA, MOH Breakthru, MOH Spearhead, RTCW, Enemy Territory, Star Wars Jedy Knight, Star Wars – Jedy Outcast, Serious Sam Second Encounter, Never Wnter Night. Most of them were demos, but i think that new DLL will works fine also in complete games.

When the new driver will be released, at the same time will be available an "HOW TO" guide to avoid every problems. Installation must be executed NECESSARILY trough the control panel.

Starting from this release, for desire of SFFT, the Amigamerlin driver will have to represent the work's stability that Paul (SFFT) is carryng out, so they will be the natural evolution in stability and in performance of D3D-ALPHA driver core, which development is carried on from SFFT, and it will be also the evolution of all mature driver sections which are optimized of time in time.

There will be nice surprise also for Voodoo3 and Voodoo2 owners !!




2005-05-07, 14:30:59
Der letzte Satz interessiert mich mangels V4/5 besonders. Mal sehen, was da auf uns zukommt ... =)


2005-05-08, 18:12:11
eine überraschung für v2 user?! ich denke der fastvoodoo2 wird unabhängig entwickelt oder kommt jetzt nen all-in-one-treiber raus?

2005-05-08, 19:42:57
Wäre denn eine forcierbare Texturkompression so schwer zu realisieren?

Mr. Lolman
2005-05-08, 20:48:21
Wäre denn eine forcierbare Texturkompression so schwer zu realisieren?

Ich glaub nicht. Ich werd da nochmal nachhaken...

2005-06-12, 23:43:08
Die Jungs sollen mal etwas Gummi geben. Bei 3dfxzone.it konnte ich auch nicht erfahren, wann das Teil nun kommt, da steht nichts. Kurzzeitig hab' ich mich sogar gefreut, dass er da ist, weil auf der Hauptseite schon ein Symbol dafür aufgetaucht ist -- aber nichts dahinter zum Anklicken. ;(