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2002-06-28, 11:21:02
ASUS Unveils First Motherboards Equipped with AGP8X and Serial ATA Technology

Taipei, Taiwan, June 27, 2002 - ASUSTek Computer Inc., today announced the company’s P4S8X, A7N8X and A7V8X motherboards supporting cutting-edge technologies such as Serial ATA and AGP8X. With growing demand for faster and more reliable computing platforms, ASUS’ latest motherboard solutions are specifically designed to deliver best technology has to offer.

The P4S8X , A7V8X and A7N8X are based on SiS’ 648, VIA’s KT400 and NVIDIA’s latest chipset, respectively. One of the main features of these motherboards is the advanced Serial ATA storage interface. Different from the traditional Parallel ATA, Serial ATA offers lower voltage (500milivolts peak to peak), thinner and longer cables, lower pin counts, simpler cable routing and smaller connectors for smaller form factor design, system stability and robust data transfer at 150MB/s.

Also included in the new motherboards is AGP8X (AGP3.0) graphics standard. Just like its predecessor, AGP4X (AGP2.0), AGP8X is a 32-bit wide bus, but it can work at 533MHz data transfer rate and support up to 2.1GB/sec bandwidth, ensuring faster and better video graphics performance.

“ASUS is proud to extend our industry leadership position by being the first manufacturer to deliver AGP8X and serial ATA enabled motherboards to market,” says Joe Hsieh, Director of Motherboard Division at ASUS. “In addition to providing improved performance compared to current standards, motherboards with AGP8X and serial ATA provide scalability and investment protection for the future.”

The P4S8X, A7V8X and A7N8X will be available in July and August. For more information please visit the ASUS website at :

Halleluja! Darauf hab ich gewartet

Endlich kann man in einem Bigtower HDD´s auch oben einbauen. :biggrin:


2002-06-28, 11:35:55
Bei meinem BigTower kann ich auch oben die HDDs einbauen. Musste ich nur leider runter setzen, da ich Platz fuer den Radi brauchte. Aber eigentlich braucht man dafuer nicht wirklich Serial ATA. Bis denne MatrixP

2002-06-28, 11:41:24
Geht natürlich, liegt aber dann außerhalb der Spezifikation

ATA100: max. Länge 45cm

S-ATA: 90cm

Das ist schon ein Unterschied.
Außerdem sind die Kabel hübscher :D

2002-06-28, 11:53:36
Hmm. Darauf wolltest Du es also ankommen lassen. Nagut.

Aber ich glaube ich schaffe das auch mit 45cm ;).

Serial ATA is schon was feines. Wollte nur zeigen, dass es deswegen nicht unbedingt notwendig ist. Bis denne MatrixP

P.S.: Vielleicht wollte ich auch nur wissen, das mein System nicht veraltet ist ;D;D;D