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2005-10-11, 13:03:11
Hey there,

during the last time it became more interesting for me to go to Xtremesystems to talk there about my current overclocking achievements.
Seems that (excluded extremcooling.net and c) the german (xtreme) oc scene is rather small therefore I just stopped in one GREEK forum as well (which has an english section) to discuss about prime issues on A64 systems with other guys.
I met MrSeanKon some time ago - he's providing very nice tools to the OC community. Maybe he will allow me to introduce his tools to the germans ;)
I think it is very important to visit international forums for improving knowledge and not focus on german ones....
PcPerspectives is one I'm only reading most of the time because it is more fullfilled with board discussions and so on (quite good for searching infos about any board you want!)
So what are your international favs?


2005-10-11, 13:25:19
my international fav is 2CPU.com (http://2cpu.com)

it's the biggest SMP knowledge base in the web and i often read reviews and user opinions about the newest technologies.
OCing Xeons ist only a small part of my interests :wink:

(my english is so bad, shame on me)

2005-10-12, 20:14:22
think I will check it out - don't care 'bout your english....as long as everyone understand what you mean it's good enough ;)

2005-11-15, 21:35:49
I visit many English forums.....

1) Aoaforums
2) ABXzone
4) Ocforums
5) PcPer
6) XtremeSystems

All of them cos of O/c Bible.

Sometimes I post at:

8) AMD forum
9) BitTech
10) Extremeoverclocking

And I am register at other two but I have only 5 posts there LOL.... :D

2005-11-21, 20:43:52
I started visiting Uncreative Labs in like 2002 or something. Now I'm a Co-Admin over there. Our URL is http://www.uncreativelabs.net/. It's a really great community if you're interested in old and vintage computer systems.

Then I used to be a very active member at osbetaarchive.com. I have like 770 posts at that place but I quit visiting in September when my server crashed and I lost all my os betas. I don't feel like re-downloading and re-discovering 120gb worth of data....

Another English-speaking forum that visit several times during the day is http://www.hsquizbowl.org/phpBB2/ . It's a forum dedicated to the US High School Quiz Bowl activity. Not too many people know what that is, it's like a quiz in which various high schools compete against each other on all areas of knowledge. They hold pretty big tournaments with 64+ schools attending quite often.

2005-11-24, 21:04:02
does anybody know whether there is any english forum comparable to 3dcenter?

2005-11-30, 23:13:11
All forums above in my post are like this forum but 100% in English. :smile:

2005-11-30, 23:20:41
I visit also Xtremesystems.

other English Forums I read are

2005-12-01, 04:58:06
I visit many English forums.....

5) PcPer

Yes, PCPER (www.pcper.com/) is fine :)

2005-12-02, 18:26:10
does anybody know whether there is any english forum comparable to 3dcenter?
Beyond3d is the most comparable, I think.

2006-01-04, 14:30:36
Beyond3d is the most comparable, I think.

theres another forum i forgot the name of... the home forum of humus hmmm was it rage3d?

2006-01-18, 20:44:12
Yes, PCPER (www.pcper.com/) is fine :)
I have many friends there at PcPer! :)
sayaa do you mean this forum??? (http://www.rage3d.com/board/) I just searched at Google.

2006-01-18, 22:12:27
round about twice a week, i visit the fashionspot forum :)