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Mr.Fency Pants
2005-12-21, 18:56:53

bin in Kapitel 3-3 und weiss nich, wies weitergeht. Im Garten hab ich schon alles gemacht, auch sonst überall alle Gegner umgelegt, hab aber keine Ahnung, wos weitergeht. Zuletzt war ich in dem raum, wo der Käfig von oben runterkommt und der Blinde wieder da ist, da hab ich auch alles fertig, aber keine Ahnung, wos weitergeht.

2005-12-21, 19:02:08


The immediate area has nothing to worry about. Go around collecting the nearby items and make use of the merchant as you want. When you're done here, head through the door to the south to enter the next area.

Again, you won't have to worry about enemies for the time being. There are a number of helpful items to grab in the area, along with a door you can open to the southeast. The door leads to a room of a previous area—now that you're on the other side of the door, you can break open the lock to get easy access to the outside halls. As well, you can grab the many items in the room before returning to the dining hall.

Once back in the dining hall, head to the east end of the room to find a bell. Ring the bell and a picture will flip across the hall. With any weapon (pistol works fine), target the bottle of wine in the upper-left corner of the painting and break it. If you shatter the bottle, a door to your left will open up, letting you enter a large room.

Before stepping into the room, equip your shotgun and load it up with ammo. As you approach the chest in the center of the room, a cage drops around you, as well as a number of enemies (including another blind claw creature). Skip the cutscene to get a head-start on your enemies and quickly blast away the lock that's on the door to the east (about three shotgun shots). With the door open, exit the cage and quickly run through the door you used to enter the area. As the not-zombies slowly march towards you through the door, pick 'em off until the only enemies left are the ones in the cage.

As long as the open door of the cage is on the side opposite from you, the enemies inside will never figure out how to get out. You can then easily pick off the enemies from outside the cage, targeting the blind enemy's back parasite to take him down. When the coast is clear, you can run in to grab the Hourglass from the chest (it's valuable), or just exit the area through the door to the northeast.

You'll exit out to a balcony overlooking a room with not-zombies chanting. They'll come at you from the ladder to the north, though they shouldn't be much of a worry. When the room below is clear, jump down and pull the lever in the center of the room, raising a bridge that connects the two balconies.

Climb up the ladder on the west side of the room to return to the first balcony (watch out for more not-zombies) and walk across the newly-formed bridge to reach the west side of the upper level. From here, turn north to enter the north section of the area, but watch out for the crossbow firing not-zombie on the west side of the room. There are a ton of items to get in here, including a Rocket Launcher. If you don't have room in your case for everything, just leave it here for now—in the very next hallway (through the door to the southeast) is another merchant that can sell you a larger attaché case.

When you've grabbed all the items you want, return to the south side of the area through the door to the west and continue down the hall to find the merchant. There's also a save point nearby, by as soon as you go through the doorway to the southeast, the level ends.

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Mr.Fency Pants
2005-12-21, 19:06:17
Ok kann zu, habs selbst gefunden. Manchmal sieht man die Türen vor lauter toter Gegner nicht. Komplettlösungen sind doof, da liest man immer aus versehen weiter als einem lieb ist. trotzdem danke.

2005-12-22, 09:45:15
Ich dachte du zockst Tales of Symphonia...?!?


Mr.Fency Pants
2005-12-22, 14:22:18
Hehe, is schon richtig, aber etwas Abwechslung muss schon sein. Sind ja beide nicht vom selben gerne, da wechsel ich immer etwas, wenn in einem Spiel ne nervige Stelle auftritt.

Hab mir jetzt auch noch Beyond Good&Evil, Sphinx und Metroid Prime2 gekauft, die müssen jetzt noch was warten. ;)